Wednesday, December 25, 2019

A quiet Christmas day

That's the impromptu "Christmas card" that I threw up on Instagram this morning, to go along with our low-key celebration this year.

Just one more ornament joined the bulldog on our little borrowed tree, but she's pretty spectacular. A blogpal who has been missing in action sent me a "Maine Mermaid:"

Today was occupied by preparing, serving, and cleaning up after our Christmas dinner, interspersed with communicating with family and friends and plying. (I made homemade butterhorn rolls, green & white lasagne, roasted Brussels sprouts, a Waldrof-inspired salad, and chocolate-coated cranberries, served with apple-grape Martinelli's and all well received.)

Had to have some sort of fiber-play going on after finishing the hat (which got blocked and delivered to a friend yesterday).

This evening, after a gray day, the setting sun softly stroked some clouds in the east.

I took a picture, then headed out to ride Lance down the lane and back in quiet Christmas twilight.

But there was a undercurrent of excitement throughout our quiet day. Thanks to my mom (and her German father and Swedish mother),  Christmas Eve is CHRISTMAS to me, when holiday lights and candles and firelight are at their beautiful best and all the tasks of the day are done. For most of our married life we have celebrated in the manner of my in-laws, but a few times over the years, like last night, Rick has been willing to humor me on Christmas Eve. So we read some inspiring stories about what this season is really about, ate supper, and opened our gifts.

Having Jackson with us for one last Christmas is also a gift.

When there wasn't anything from Rick, I wondered. Something had been said about leaving something at the office....

Then Rick asked, "So when are we going to do this pre-purchase?"
There may have been squealing – and tears. I shot off a text to the breeder, and we settled on Friday morning for the pre-purchase exam. I'm trying not to sail over the moon until 'Stella' gets the veterinarian's stamp of approval, but I really don't anticipate any problems. This filly has gotten to grow up in a big pasture with a herd of her kind, an ideal 'childhood' for developing a sound mind and body – a body that I think (and hope) is still growing.

Yeah, I'm excited; it looks like I will be buying myself a 'pony' for Christmas. 😍 Stay tuned!

And to all a good night, from . . .


Leigh said...

Michelle, I'm so happy for you! You got the hay, and now you're getting the horse! Sounds like you had the perfect Christmas!

wyomingheart said...

Merry Christmas, and congrats on that pony!

Mama Pea said...

That is such wonderful news about your "new" pony! I have sensed how much you wanted and needed this.

Michelle said...

Thank you, Leigh, wyomingheart, and Mama Pea! If all checks out, my Dances With Horses blog is going to start seeing a lot more action. ;-)

Florida Farm Girl said...

Oh, how wonderful that Stella will likely be coming home with you. I love the name too.

Susan said...

The best gift EVER! I recognize the talented hand behind that adorable ornament... Who got the mandolin? It's beautiful!

A :-) said...

Hot Dog!!! So excited about your new horse!!! Merry Christmas!!!

Michelle said...

Thank-you, Sue! I adore the name Stella even though I can't take credit for it. I was telling a friend about the filly and that IF I got her I needed to come up with a barn name, because her registered name of Umpqua Andromeda doesn't lend itself to an easy nickname/call name. It was she who suggested Stella, perfect for a girl marked with a star and named for a constellation.

Susan, Rick picked up the lightly used mandolin on Christmas Eve and although he didn't formally gift it, I really do think he got it for Brian – and Brian has been having some musical fun with it.

Thank-you for sharing in my excitement, A!

Debbie said...

I should have heard your squeals of excitement!!! so pleased for you!

I grew up with Christmas gift opening on Christmas Day along with large family gatherings/meals but there is something to be said for starting a new tradition and opening gifts on Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Jeanne said...

Wheee! I'm so happy for you, Michelle!! Now I can hardly wait for it to be
finale, and Stella will be yours!

I'll write more later.
Jeanne <><

Retired Knitter said...

What a lovely post! And such good (great) news. I am so happy for you.

Christmas Eve is our family celebration - at least for now until Esk gets older. That was my husband's family's practice. My family always celebrated Christmas morning. So Christmas Eve was crazy. But Christmas Day was pretty quiet and that works well for us.

And you are right, a blessing to have Jackson with you this Christmas, but I do miss that bully face! :-(

Look forward to hearing about Stella.

The very best to you this New Year! Hoping that many of your ongoing issues start to resolve this coming year.

Goatldi said...

Congratulations 🎊 How much fun ahead !

Karen Valley said...

What breeding and age? Lovely Christmas gift even without a bow.

Michelle said...

Yes, you should have, Debbie! 😊 Happy New Year to all of us!

Jeanne, it's now all final but for the picking up.

We miss the bully face, too, Elaine. Maybe the new year will bring another one. And thanks for those final hopes!

Yes, indeed, Goatldi!

She's a three-year-old Morgan filly, Karen.