Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Quiet like I like it

Today was a day of solitude. It started off gray and pleasantly cool, and now it's drizzling gently on appreciative plant life. In between loads of laundry and dishes, cooking, caring for the critters, weeding, watering, and a bit of picking in the garden, there has been plenty of time to spin my Tour de Fleece fiber and listen to public radio. It was just what was needed after all the excitement of the last post, plus working the office job yesterday. Brain food and beauty!

I discovered that the bush beans and zucchini aren't just flowering; there are tiny little beans – and NOT-so-tiny zukes!

There were also two ripe cherry tomatoes that got popped into my mouth before I could whip out my iPhone. 😋

I took inventory of the fruit trees. My little Braeburn apple has a lot of apples, but the three older trees are spotty. There are hardly any prunes this year, probably just enough to enjoy them fresh.

Tomorrow my dear friend that's home from VA for the summer is coming over for awhile; we both love solitude so it will be pleasant companionship however much we talk.

We have yet to experience what summer will be like with Brian on the harvest crew; his start date keeps getting pushed back due to weather. He might start this Thursday or Friday, but that remains to be confirmed. In the meantime, he's working for Rick, and that's just fine.

That's it for today from . . .


Retired Knitter said...

Quiet! The gift you give yourself!

Every time I see your spinning I think ... I have just got to pick up my spindles again! Of course, it will be like starting all over skill wise. I wasn't very good at it to begin with and I will be just that much worse when I finally do pick them up. But that kind of spinning still appeals to me. I gave away my spinning wheel to my cousin, but I think I will eventually get back to the spindles. Especially with all your reminders! Ha.

wyomingheart said...

How wonderful to see the veggies and fruit growing! I really cant wait to get apple trees! Your apples look fantastic! We are processing the first crop of corn this week and planting the second crop. This busy time is not so quiet on the ridge, so...envious of that for sure!

Florida Farm Girl said...

Brian is growing up so fast! Before you know it he'll be off to college and you'll miss those daily "discussions". Your veggies look wonderful. Friend said yesterday she used a spiralizer on zukes, stir fried in olive oil with salt & pepper for a few minutes and then served with marinara sauce. Said she'd never use noodles again.

Susan said...

I love quiet. Funny how I seldom get it, even living in the sticks. Oh, no! The prunes are slim this year? Sigh. I imagine that your trees have decided they need some time to recover from years of bumper crops. That lily in the first photo is so beautiful! I am watching my zucchini closely - of my two plants, one is only so-so, but the other is coming along. I can't wait for beans and tomatoes!

Michelle said...

Elaine – exactly! And I'll bet there's more muscle memory there for spindling than you think!

Corn is not something I can grow well here, wyomingheart, so enjoy an extra ear for me! This is not a quiet time here, either, but sometimes you just have to TAKE time.

He's not sure what he's doing after high school, FFG, so who knows when he'll be "off to wherever." I got a manual spirulizer and have used it some; it's okay but not great.

Michelle said...

Susan, someone else's trees may have more; a neighbor sometimes offers theirs. Don't despair yet!