Monday, July 08, 2019

Packing a lot in four days!

There were fireworks Thursday night:

There was a quick but eventful trip to Black Sheep Gathering on Friday afternoon. I drove down with one friend and drove back with two friends, left one fleece there with a processor and came back with FOUR new Jenkins spindles (two flew off to a blogpal in Canada today; pictured are the two that joined my flock, plus me in the booth with the Jenkins), two lotion bars and a bar of soap:

The Tour de France/Fleece started on Saturday and Sabbath afternoon Rick and I made like a couple and took off to the Oregon coast where there were WHALES!

On Sunday Rick and Brian put three loads of hay in the barn and I didn't have to touch a single bale! (ONE perk to having a strapping teenager still living at home....)

Chuckie likes this narrow passage to attack passing humans!

Inspected and approved

I worked in the garden a fair bit Sunday, watering, weeding, and picking. The zucchini are finally blooming and setting fruit, both kinds of cucumbers are producing, the snow peas are slowing down but the green beans are flowering.
And there's spinning – always spinning. Here is my new Lilac 'Wren' spindle posing on my last two available fleeces, Vienna on top and Bing on the bottom.

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thecrazysheeplady said...

That's a pretty awesome four days!

Retired Knitter said...

Sounds like four great days!! Love the spinning.

Leigh said...

A busy four days but oh, so worth it! I've never been on the Pacific coast, so seeing those whales would be a treat beyond measure. Great photos Michelle!

Mama Pea said...

Getting good hay in the barn is as good as getting money in the bank. (These days, maybe better!) The picture of the cucumbers reminds me I haven't planted lemon cukes for a couple of years now. They ripen for me same time as the traditional slicing cukes and that makes just too many to eat it at once. Too much bounty? If I planted a plant of each together, would they cross-pollinate and provide something strange?

Gorgeous scenery on the coast. And the whales . . . on, my!

Michelle said...

There were wonderful parts to each day, Sara! (And regular, not-so-wonderful parts, too; this is life, after all. ;-)

I've never spun Rambo before, Elaine, but I'm growing to like it. VERY springy!

Thanks, Leigh. I think you'd love it out here for more than the Pacific Ocean and whales!

Mama Pea, I planted the lemon cukes just for Brian. They are his favorite and he'll eat them like an apple. I've never had them cross-pollinate. (And while I am very thankful for good hay in the barn, it took a lot of money OUT of the bank!)

Susan said...

What a beautiful place - and whales! How I would love to see whales. You are really spinning up a storm! I know what you mean about the hay - it's so nice to have in the barn, but our prices have gone up here, as they have everywhere. It's a major investment! Of course, we are lucky to have hay, as so many farmers never got into their fields. I may try lemon cukes next year. I put slicing and pickling in this year, since I somehow completely forgot to put pickling in last year. My garden is picking up speed and it's so exciting!

Florida Farm Girl said...

Did you guys go over near Lincoln? I'm so jealous of you being able to see the whales so easily. They fascinate me. Lovely garden gifts.

Michelle said...

Susan, glad your garden is finally picking up steam, so to speak (maybe it's from the steaming humidity???)! Yes, SO thankful to get good local hay; second and third cutting isn't common around here.

FFG, the sunset photos were from Lincoln City but the whales were at Boiler Bay, just north of Depoe Bay (the bridge photo). We've NEVER seen them this well; it was so exciting!