Thursday, July 04, 2019

Happy 4th of July!

I may not decorate for the holidays and seasons like Mama Pea, but I did capture these festive colors yesterday on my walk to the post office for work and shared them on Instagram:

And what better way to honor Independence Day than by featuring a CAT? 🤣 This episode on the Chuckie Channel is titled "Every Breath You Take, Every Move You Make, I'll Be Watching You."
when I'm feeding sheep

when I'm picking snow peas

when I'm picking currants

when I'm getting ready to ride

when I'm adding to the compost pile

THAT'S better!

crouching tiger, 'hidden' dragon
If I'm outside, Chuckie usually finds me, whether I'm working in the garden, watering the landscaping, riding in the arena, or doing chores. Stalking me is his new favorite game; it's a hoot to watch him!

My MIL and a neighbor are coming over for supper in a bit. Later we'll head in to town for the municipal fireworks display. I hope you've had just the sort of day you like!

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Retired Knitter said...

I have lived with cats my whole married life - 50 years - what you are witnessing is total cat devotion! Some humans aren't a tuned to such subtle behaviors. They only see devotion when it is clothed in the coat of a dog - who is a Master at the devotion-game. Cats "pick and choose" very carefully and selectively who they expend their devotion on and it is clear to me that Chucky is devoted to YOU! Chucky is a wise feline.

Mama Pea said...

Awesome! Such a beautiful red, white and blue display you captured in the flowers!

As for Chuckie . . . you have a friend. :o)

Michelle said...

Elaine, I'm just glad Chuckie isn't as BIG as my dogs, 'cause I think he'd take me DOWN in his frequent 'attacks' after stalking! He seems pretty fond of Brian, too.

I was rather delighted with the timing of the available blooms, Mama Pea. 😊

Jeanne said...

Chuckie is such a beautiful cat! Thanks for all the Chuckie pictures!
Your flowers are lovely! I'll have to get another Crocosmia. Mine "croaked"!! That's for next year, I guess.

This week is the Black Sheep. Are you going on Sunday? I can't go. Maybe next year.

Susan said...

Oh, yes. You are Chuckie's person, all right. He is such a sweet character. Our Fourth was so miserable, weather-wise, that all I managed was to drop off my two pies for the library fundraiser and then scurry back inside, where I drooped with Slim (too close for comfort), Peanut and Lovey. The four of us were matching damp blobs.

Michelle said...

Thanks, Jeanne. The flowers aren't mine; at my office job I walk to the post office and shot these photos along the way. I enjoy keeping my eyes open for beauty. I went to BSG on Friday afternoon (as you've probably seen in my latest post).

You've gone from cold and wet to hot and wet, you poor dear; which I could send you some of our more moderate (for now!) weather!