Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Faded glory and fresh-faced youth

These orchid blossoms illustrate the reality of our household.

Well, I don't know about faded glory; I think I'm just faded; ha. Last Saturday afternoon a friend invited me to a holiday tea. Everyone was encouraged to choose an available hat or bring their own. My friend selected this appropriately vintage 'velveteen headband with netting' affair for me – I rather like it!

On Sunday we drove to Walla Walla, WA (and back) for my aunt's memorial service. The church, decorated for the season, was beautiful, as was the service.
When the generation just ahead of you is fading away, there is no denying you're not a youth anymore!

Jackson, as always, was ready for me to come HOME.

Fresh-faced youth faced off on the basketball court last night; Brian's team won for the first time this season.

Another fresh-faced youth, a long-time friend of Brian's, came out this afternoon for senior photos. It was a flat, gray day anyway, and by the time he got here the light was too low for high-quality results, but now we both have a better idea of what we're going for. I'm also this young man's high school senior project (photography) mentor (I think that's close to the official title), so working on his senior portraits was part of mentoring. He said he learned a lot, so apparently the old dog can still teach a thing or two!

Here's one last fresh-faced youth:

Last night and this morning, Chuckie slipped through the front door while I was carrying firewood in. Of course, he was promptly deposited back outside. When I took those photos a bit later during morning chores in the barn, he was feeling particularly feisty fresh. A bit of resentment over his station in life, perhaps?

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Retired Knitter said...

I remember when my mom died - she was the last of that generation in our family. That officially passed the mantle of "older relatives" to me and my peers. It is a sobering moment when you really take that symbolism in. I like the hat very much. Reminded me of what was in style in the 1950s. Or maybe even the 1940s. You look good in it.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Nice hat! Loving your new cat :-).

Jeanne said...

Hey, that hat really suits you! It's definitely from the 50s.

I agree with RK - When Mom passed away, and it left my two sisters and me as the "elders" in our family, it was definitely a sobering time, and we were wishing we had asked her more questions.

That was quite a drive, to go to Walla Walla and back in one day! Please accept my sympathy in the loss of your aunt. The church was really beautiful!!

Goatldi said...

Age is only important if one is a cheese or a wine. Life is a journey to be lived to the fullest.