Friday, December 28, 2018

Christmas church service

The Sabbath before Christmas – as always – was our congregation's Christmas service. (We don't eschew celebrating Christmas because of it's origins, but neither do we revere it just because it 'converted' to Christianity; therefore we celebrate on the Sabbath of the Lord and not on the actual eve or 'holy day.') After church, and dinner at home, we headed to the Wheatland Ferry. Parking our car, we rode the ferry over the Willamette River on foot, then enjoyed a walk through Willamette Mission State Park. The sky was grey and didn't give up much light, but it didn't give up much moisture, either, thankfully. Rick took his 'big boy' camera and lens and I had my iPhone; together we got some nice pictures along with exercise and family time.

But back to the church service. Our youth leaders, their adopted daughter, and another young lady had an interesting story to tell. Very recently they had learned of a short term mission trip coming up this spring, but pretty much dismissed it because of cost. The husband did say, perhaps facetiously, that if someone gave them $2000 they'd go; the next day they learned that a sponsor was willing to cover the $1900 cost for their daughter to go. Shortly after that, they were notified that another sponsor was willing to give $500 towards the young lady's cost. The couple took the hint, sent in their applications, and let the congregation know that they would be doing some fundraising – as well as putting out a final call should anyone want to join them. I immediately thought of Brian.

My parents have talked about taking Brian with them on a mission trip with them for years, but life has conspired to limit their availability to do that since Brian has been old enough. That afternoon I sent a tentative email to my parents, just in case they might want to help sponsor him. My mom called within minutes with an enthusiastic "Absolutely!" With an application deadline of December 26, though, things had to happen quickly. Brian wrote the requisite short (surprisingly encouraging!) essay about why he wanted to go, we got the application filled out with necessary signatures and faxed it in. Now we wait to see if it is accepted, and pray that it is a positive, life-changing experience.


Michelle said...

I wanted to serve as a student missionary in college, but my then-boyfriend Rick was not a fan of the idea. Have you ever gone on a mission trip of any kind?

Debbie said...

No mission trips here.

Fingers crossed and good wishes on Brian's application/positive reply.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year too!

Wanda said...

Both of my kids went on several which they pretty much funded on their own through after school jobs and fund-raisers which I think helped them to value their experiences. For both kids their trips were very "hands-on", intensive, valuable experiences. If the organizers are dedicated and serious about working to make a difference rather than "exotic and fun" it can be an excellent maturing, eye-opening, even life altering experience.
It's wonderful that your mom is making this possible for Brian!

Wanda said...

PS Does it count that I was an MK? :)

Fat Dormouse said...

I hope it works out for Brian. I was interested to read about how your church congregation doesn't 'exactly) celebrate Christmas Day - which denomination do you belong to, Michelle? Some lovely photos shared too.

Fat Dormouse xx

Michelle said...

Haven't heard anything yet, Debbie.

Yes, that totally counts, Wanda! Even though my parents are willing to pay Brian's way, they (and we) think it would be good for Brian to raise some of his own funds.

Alison, I am a Seventh-day Adventist Christian.