Sunday, July 29, 2018

Looking ahead to "Oh no; August!"

I'm winding up July with a lot of highway miles. This afternoon I drove Brian to Big Lake Youth Camp, a six-hour round trip; he got a scholarship from his school that paid for nearly half the cost of a week-long teen basketball camp. Tuesday a friend and I are delivering Butler, my yearling ram, to his new home in Auburn, WA, an eight-hour round trip.

Then we turn the calendar to the jam-packed month of August. On top of the usual responsibilities, the garden will continue picking up steam; prunes, apples (ours), and peaches will need to be preserved; my parents will visit; Brian will return to school and drive draft horses at the State Fair; and we may go horse-camping in there somewhere. Time to tuck in my napkin and prepare to eat that elephant, one bite at a time!

I will leave you photos from my road trip today. Did a little spinning at Big Lake for a final location shot, since it's also the last day of the Tour de Fleece.

After wading in the lake to cool off

Three-Fingered Jack

Mt. Jefferson

Detroit Lake

Finished the dark brown roving this morning

That's it for now from . . .


Michelle said...

What does YOUR August look like?

Leigh said...

I love the spindle in the foreground! My August looks like it will be insanely busy as well. Hoping to get the goats moved into their new barn and of course the garden is in full swing. Hoping to get a start on the fall garden too. We'll see!

Retired Knitter said...

Wow, you do have a lot going on.

Hard to believe that we are going into August.

Susan said...

Beautiful views, beautiful spinning and Oh, my gosh, when did Brian turn into a tall man!?!

Theresa said...

Lovely pics. Right about now I want to be anywhere that has clean air and less than scorching temps.

Jeanne said...

Hey! It's me, Jeanne! I'm trying this again!
I loved your entry - except for the part about August beginning so soon! Noooo! For us it'll be almost as busy as July was.
Does Brian actually drive draft horses at the State Fair? I'd love to see that! We haven't been there for years!

Michelle said...

You're ALWAYS insanely busy, Leigh; you guys do SO much!

The good part of August coming up so fast, RK, is that maybe summer (and its heat) will continue to zoom by.

Susan, he's been marching steadily upward for quite some time. Still waiting for character to catch up....

I know you've had this smoke much longer than we have, Theresa; I'm sorry!

Hi Jeanne! Yes, Brian drives Shire horses for one of Rick's clients. If you look up the Horse Show schedule on the Oregon State Fair website, you can find out when the Youth Driving classes are in case you can come when he's driving.

Jeanne said...

Well phooey! I tried to find a schedule for when Brian would be driving the Shires. No luck. I may have to try again. A Fair book would probably help, but I don't want to download one. Do you have any idea when he might be driving? How long has he been doing it?

Michelle said...

Here's what I found, Jeanne, for the two classes in which Brian will most likely compete:
Horse Show Stadium Arena, 5 pm (time dependent on 4H use)
Draft Horse Junior Team, Drivers 18 & Under

Horse Show Stadium Arena, beginning at 3 pm
Draft Horse Junior Cart, Drivers 18 & Under

This will be Brian's third or fourth year driving at the State Fair.