Friday, July 06, 2018

At least my feet are happy!

My new shoes got a good test run on Wednesday. We parked some distance away from the municipal fireworks display and then walked on pavement, uneven ground, and large gravel there and back. Pure comfort! I wore them to work the next day; still perfect.

The 4th was gray all day, and we even had a few raindrops. Rick called it gloomy, but I thought it was a blessing, both to keep the heat down and to reduce the risk of fires starting from fireworks. (I love fireworks, but are they worth the risk to property and life, along with the extraordinary cost of fighting resulting fires, to continue to allow selling them?) Anyway, after a busy day of working around the place, we headed to town for the municipal event. On the way, the sunset lit up the sky with its own fireworks:

followed by that comfortable walk to and from a fine show:

Unfortunately, it's been a tough week on the horse and neighborhood fronts. Today, both trackhoe and caterpillar were working just over our fence line; it felt like an invasion!

I busied myself weeding, watering, and picking in the garden, where I was screened from view by trees. Then I headed to the quiet of our daylight basement and tackled defrosting and reorganizing our fruit freezer. Now they're gone, a cool coast breeze is blowing, and once again I can hear bird song. I'm going to lace up my new shoes and walk down to get the mail, do chores, and then enjoy an evening of Bible study, instrumental music, and spinning alpaca fluff in peaceful solitude. Peace to you this weekend, too!

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Mokihana said...

Your fireworks photos are wonderful, and I'm delighted you like the shoes so much.

Invasion. I totally get that. It'd also feel like an assault. I'm really sorry you're having to deal with this.

Susan said...

I can't believe there will be more destruction! What is with this country? It seems that it's a challenge to destroy any natural beauty that may, possibly, put some money in someone's pocket. It's a damn shame. I hope they are finished soon, so that you can get back to some semblance of peace.

Michelle said...

Yes to assault, Mokihana. The trackhoe was at it again before 6:30 this morning, but thankfully on the far side of the lot.

Whatever the plan is for the lot, Susan, will take a lot longer, whether it is planting a vineyard or building a house. It always warms the cockles of my heart to read of someone buying or donating land to preserve it for posterity; I wish I had the means to do that! We've always wished we could buy that lot as a buffer, but didn't have the means.

Claire MW said...

Great fireworks photographs! It is rare to see good shots - they are usually all blurry and indistinct. Comfortable walking shoes are truly worth their weight in gold! I think the older I get, the more that lesson is cemented in my mind!