Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Yesterday's sunrise:

This morning's flowers (biggify for raindrops):

After two warm, sunny days (Rick mowed the lawn and started the burn pile!),

today was a little cooler and rainy – a chance to wear my new Anvard Boot Toppers!

Alas, neither pair of boots with which I planned to wear them would zip up with the added bulk. Waaah! So if anyone has some loose boots (Romi's pattern shows them with cowboy boots) and would use these fraternal twin boot toppers (they really did feel cozy on my often chilly lower legs), they are available. I will mail them to the first person in the U.S. who speaks for them and provides an address. (I haven't washed and blocked them yet, so need to do that.)

In the meantime, I've switched back to spinning. A generous fairy godmother sent me a fibery care package recently, and I couldn't resist this:
It reminds me of Easter, and is a dream to spin.

Question of the day: How come the feral flowers at the front gate bloom better than the ones I've planted near the house?
Oh, and if you're wanting horse news, it's over on my other blog.

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Retired Knitter said...

Love those boot toppers. Don’t have boots. Darn!

Mama Pea said...

Boot toppers are lovely but I don't think I'd wear them enough.

Your beautiful feral flowers are like the best veggies that grow in the compost heap!

Mokihana said...

If they're still available, I would love to have them. They're gorgeous!! I'd be happy to pay postage.


Michelle said...

Retired Knitter, I have leftover yarn. What WOULD you wear? A hat? Mittens? Fingerless mitts?

Since our manure pile is in the woods in deep shade, I've never experienced that phenomenon, Mama Pea, but I've heard of it!

They're yours, Mokihana!

Claire MW said...

I wonder if the feral flowers get special "plant fertilizer" from the sheep in their area? Or runoff from the same? The boot toppers are so pretty. I have seen patterns for them but always wondered what they were really for, because when I am out in the cold, my hands and feet and sometimes my face get cold, but not my lower legs. I decided boot toppers were just for show. Now I know better! The spinning fibre is lovely - can't wait to see what you make with it.