Monday, May 08, 2017

Wool Week, day 2

Today's featured fleeces are mostly still in development. ;-)
The grass is always greener; they either learn it young, or it's hard-wired!

The grass is so tall and the sunlight is so bright that the fold is the best place to get photos of the lambs. All the ewes and lambs are co-mingling now, which didn't make the two first-time mamas happy. Bree has mostly stopped head-punching the older lambs for getting too close to her babies now; Babette still tries to keep her precious girl away from the riffraff.
Those Bette Davis eyes

Bette has a knock-out fleece and body, too

Bette, Butler, and Brigitte

Babette with Bernadette

"You were looking around too much; back in the corner with you."
My buddy Bacall

Tonight all the sheep are settled in quarters where they will be easy(er) to catch for shearing tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow morning I'll check the boys to see which of them can be rooed, and collect a sample from Blake for micron testing; I think Nightcap's fleece is too short for a good sample, but I'll check. The ladies won't be happy about being held off pasture, but they don't need full rumens when they get the pretzel treatment. ;-)

For something different, here's something cool I captured on a trail ride through the woods today!

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Mama Pea said...

Sounds like you had a lovely start to the week, Michelle. Great to hear!

Michelle said...

I did, Mama Pea -- and then my laptop died! No more posts or pictures until it is fixed or replaced....

Michelle said...

Oh. and shearing hasn't happened yet; my shearer called in sick. :-/

Claire MW said...

Wow, what a beautiful owl! You are so lucky to have seen one - they are so good at camouflage! Lovely shot of the 3 lambs lined up in their resting poses. I'm loving having lambs vicariously through you!

A :-) said...

Wow! That owl is amazing - and huge!