Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Soundtrack of change

Trust me; Babette wasn't the only one yelling this morning (although she is exceptionally vociferous). Whenever there is change involving sheep, they talk, and there was lots of change this morning. First, I caught Blake (which involved rubbing his chin then slipping the halter on him from the other side of the fence; I love my calm and cooperative homegrown ram-man!) and led him to the honeymoon suite Ram-ada Inn lot. That set off the three wethers.
Then I caught Sarai and Vienna (they need to take lessons from Blake!), realized they both needed pedicures and tied them up to take care of that, then led them to join their beau, setting off the four girls left in the Sheep Sheraton.
Do we want to be here – or back with our buddies?
All three of these mature Shetlands have Premium Fine fleeces (see this chart) and have produced lovely offspring together, so I anticipate quality lambs next spring once again. If they are taking special requests, I'd love a couple of black-based ewe lambs out of Sarai, and a moorit ewe from Vienna. ;-)

And if YOU have any special requests, I'm taking reservations!

Let the breeding begin at . . .


Mama Pea said...

It's so obvious your sheep are very much loved and taken care of. Kudos to you, Michelle, for all your caring and hard work on their behalf.

Michelle said...

What a nice thing to say, Mama Pea; thank-you!

Sharon said...

Would you please give them a request for a nice ram with a wonderful fleece to play with my girls next year. thanks

Michelle said...

Sharon, I think this year is the only year I didn't have a ram lamb to make available, so I'm SURE you'll have some options next spring. Do you want to just watch this space, or would you like to email me your contact info so I can let you know?