Saturday, October 15, 2016

Putting away, topping off, battening down, cleaning up

Wednesday morning's sunrise, ushering in the last of three gorgeous fall days:
While I was on the deck capturing the above, I heard a buzz behind me. Carefully turning, I saw this and caught my breath:

Good idea, little guy; time to top off the tanks and brace for change. Rain began Wednesday night as forecast, and the wind picked up over Thursday as the first big storm of the season arrived. We got vehicles and other equipment under cover, filled stock tanks, charged phones – and a little late in the game, Rick decided to clean out the gutter on the horses' paddock roof:
We lost power for about six hours starting Thursday evening at 8:30, and woke up to the associated "litter" Friday morning – along with a dramatic sunrise:
Benny approves of the blow-down buffet

This is definitely mushroom weather!
At least we didn't have to deal with tornado damage!

We were supposed to get a bigger storm today, but so far it has been about the same as Thursday night's. More branches were littering the driveway when we got home from church (we were prepared – we had a chainsaw in the trunk!); our burn pile will be bolstered by all the debris.

How is the weather in your neck of the woods?

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Anonymous said...

Similar to yours (gee, I wonder why?). I have to admit I'm a little bummed as I was hoping for a bigger system, but at least so far no injuries reported in my neck of the woods, though our search and rescue are out looking for some missing hunters. Lots of trees down, one on a house about 30 miles away, cows are not happy, the new horse won't let them in the lean-to and the dogs prefer to hold it rather than go outside. I've gotten some things done, which is good.

Mama Pea said...

You really did have a bit of a storm. Glad it wasn't worse for you. Going without power is never pleasant though.

Our weather doesn't seem to want to settle into real fall temps. We haven't even had a killing frost yet. I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but I'm really ready for that to happen so I can yank everything out of the garden . . . without guilt. :o]

Florida Farm Girl said...

Glad you're all safe. We're having gorgeous weather but dry, dry, dry. Hasn't rained in weeks and none in the forecast.

Maggie said...

Fabulous pics of the skies! We've just had a night of torrential rain. Aw dear Benny. X

Sharon said...

The weather forecast sounded pretty dire for your area - glad you weathered with nothing more than a power outage. We're getting some rain too and it sure is nice.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

We need rain, desperately! Your sunsets are lovely and harbingers of next day beautiful. When I had sheep, I would gather up Christmas trees, those with no tinsel or paint, to feed my sheep. Town folks would see me picking up trees and stop to ask, "Want mine?" The sheep loved the "fresh" greens.

Michelle said...

You're a glutton for punishment, Ruth!

We haven't had a killing frost, either, Mama Pea; I need to go salvage any remaining rhubarb and green tomatoes before it comes.

We sure needed the rain, FFG – and now we've set an all-time record for the month of October, and the month is far from over!

Thanks, Maggie.

Rain is soothing to the soul sometimes, right Sharon?

Wish I could send you some rain, Sandra. Those are sunrises; our house looks east.

Unknown said...

Oh my! Those hummingbird pics!