Thursday, October 27, 2016


How is it that I think nature is most beautiful when dressed in colors I would never wear?
Today I squeezed in a half-hour ride on my mental-health mustang. The gravel lane through the neighboring hollow is lined with green, gold, and brown, coordinating perfectly with my mount's russet coat. Although there are brighter bits of color here and there,
our native woods do not put on a flamboyant fall fashion show. I love it still, as I do the changing cloudscapes. Like this afternoon's sky over the winery on our road:

I intended to do a Throwback Thursday post with photos from our trip to British Columbia, but you got current photos instead. What can I say?

We're living in the present at . . .


Anonymous said...

Best view in the world, between a horses ears! And the colors of Oregon are so amazing in the fall.

Theresa said...

Fall looks awesome in your neck of the woods! Here it has been rain and hunters, but I've gotten a lot hugs in for my therapy hoovers and as always, goats make for some good entertainment.

FullyFleeced said...

lovely fall colors. Ours are mostly gone now- all rained out.
BTW, I found a plug in that enables follow-up comment notification for my blog. Thanks for the suggestion! Denise :)

Claire MW said...

Stunning views - must have been a most enjoyable ride!

Michelle said...

Agreed, Ruth!

Hugs are good, Theresa; sorry things have not been conducive for riding this year. :-(

Oh, good, Denise! Looking forward to "conversations"!

It's not a very long route, Claire, but it's close to home and good for the soul. :-)