Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Post-worthy but time-puny

Hi all! Do you like it HOT? Come visit Boulderneigh, where summer is sitting on us hard. Our grass is already turning brown and the hoses are in constant use.

To beat the heat on Sunday, I was headed down the road with truck and trailer to take a dressage lesson before my guys were even out of bed (details, as usual, on my horse blog). I planned to spend the rest of the day catching up on time-hungry tasks like rooing/shearing sheep, freezing strawberries, and making bread, but Rick and Brian had other plans. Rick called and asked me to see if I could leave my horse at the trainer's barn for the day so he and Brian could pick me up on their way to the Rose Festival. Not only did I have stuff to do; I was dressed in dirty, sweaty riding clothes and did NOT feel in the least bit festive! But I capitulated when Rick said he was bringing a change of clothes and my trainer not only agreed to let my horse hang out but offered me a chance to wash up. (The things we do for love!)

We have lived in this area for nearly 26 years and have never attended any part of Portland's signature event, so I guess it was high time. Our objective was to see some of the ships in attendance for Fleet Week, especially anything with GUNS. ;-)

Personally, I liked the HMCS Oriole, a lovely sailing ship of the Canadian fleet, the best.

After the physical workout of riding my horse effectively in all three gaits, then walking for miles in the heat of the day, I didn't have much oomph left when we got home. Still, I pulled Blake out to harvest his fleece.
I have been able to roo my ram pretty easily in the past, but not this year. As you can see by his neck below, he has quite a lot of new growth already, which seems to lock onto last year's fleece with tenacity. I basically managed to get him "skirted on the hoof," leaving the fleece that has been reserved for purchase protected by his coat to be harvested when I have another two+ hours to devote to this job.

Sigh. There are just not enough hours in the day – nor enough energy when it's this hot! But heat can do worse than just sap one's energy.

Stay tuned for the next installment from . . .

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