Thursday, June 25, 2015

Another thing this weather is good for

BFF Laura called Tuesday; we're looking forward to riding together and visiting next week at Cowboy Campmeeting. While on the phone, I picked my fiber mentor's brain about Blaise's fleece. After discussing various options for processing it myself, I realized it could be my Tour de Fleece spinning project, and got excited – so excited that I washed it that very day!
After one soap-soak and multiple rinse-soaks, I spun the bagged fleece in my washing machine to get rid of as much water as possible. Yesterday I had it outside to dry; this hot weather is great for that. Here it is on the guest bed (taken with with flash in a dark room):

I'm thinking of taking a minimalist approach with this fleece. I don't own combs; my drum carder and I do not have a working relationship; I don't have intact locks to flick; and I'm not very proficient with my hand cards. So I'm thinking of just teasing the fleece into pseudo-roving to spin – although I may try making some rolags with my hand cards first. I'm going to watch this old film again to refresh my carding technique; one of my fleece customers sent me the link recently.


I started this post yesterday, not knowing what today would bring. This afternoon when I got home from work, Ollie was still whinnying for his girlfriend.

It's a sad day at . . .


LannieK said...

So sorry for your loss, it's never easy. Your fleece is beautiful. Looking forward to how you decide to spin it.

Susan said...

That is one lovely fleece. So sorry to hear about Breezy - give Ollie a hug from me.

Tammy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Breezy. I know you guys fought the good fight for her. Breezy was such a beautiful girl--when you got her I was very envious as she reminded me of my pony. It is so sad about Ollie, and hard to see that I know. So hard when they are that bonded.

I know several folks that just spin 'in the grease' with the Shetland fleeces around here. That is before even washing, (which is kinda overpowering as there is still that sheepy smell) and they don't do rolags or anything...just spin it out from the sack. I have no idea how they do it--looks like magic to me! Have fun with your fleece.


Unknown said...

Yes, I hope it goes well working with the washed fleece to get roving without combing it. You'll have to photograph and let us know about the progress.

Unknown said...

Hi Michelle,

I'm working with one of your fleeces for one of my TdeF projects too. It had bben washed and I am just handcarding it now. But some of I intend to comb too with St. Blaise wool combs. They are small handheld combs that I thin will work for this fine wool.The lastest issue of Ply magazine has inspired me to spin for a shawl. BTW, the fleece is Bonnie.

Good luck on the Tour.