Monday, August 04, 2014

Done for the year

Today I skirted the last of my fleeces; hey, it only took me until August! heh. I could say that I spread out the job to take it easy on my knee, but that would not be truthful. I am pretty sure now that the skirting marathon I pulled last year, getting all the fleeces done in a matter of days, is what started my knee trouble. I finally remembered how much my right knee hurt after standing at my skirting "table" for hours, too often with it locked. I have an appointment on Wednesday with the physical therapist who helped my shoulders; he said he could show me how to tape it for support. I like the sound of that better than the steroid shot in the joint that the orthopedist suggested. I need to do something; we are going on a family canoe trip to the Boundary Waters this month and I don't want to make my knee worse. (You'd think a bum knee would get me out of going, but no. So I keep telling myself to make the best of it for family memories' sake.)

Anyway, Browning's fleece, above, is still available for sale. Contact me if you are interested.

That's it for now from . . .

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Susan said...

Beautiful fleece, Michelle. I am still about three years behind....have fun canoeing and watch that knee!