Friday, November 08, 2013

Focusing inward, with difficulty

When it's my favorite season outside, it's hard to think about what's going on inside. But I do have a few things to show you!

When my MIL moved here, she and Brian swapped some furniture. She took his twin bed for one of her guest bedrooms, and Brian got the bunkbed that his dad and aunt grew up with. This entailed moving EVERYthing out of his room last Sunday, giving us the perfect opportunity to do a thorough cleaning. Now his room is put back together and Brian is thrilled with it. (That rocking chair, BTW, belonged to my grandma.)

I've been fiddling with fiber for my homeschool Textiles class the last several weeks – flick-carding, dyeing, spinning warp, warping looms, and catch-up spinning for absent students. Now the students' fiber is all plyed and ready to weave the last two weeks of class, and my miniSpinner is freed up so I can finally ply the Bubblegum singles:

In knitting news, I finishing my second Purple Paws beanie and then did a prayer square for a Ravelry Christmas swap:

I have another gift-knit on the needles, and need to wind some of Browning's yarn so I can get started on Brian's fingerless mitts. I've also printed out this pattern to knit for me (I'll call it Mr. Browning); after all my dithering I decided this was the most wearable garment of all that I have been considering. I'll probably knit a Browning vest for Brian as well, but not immediately.

As you can see, we're keeping the home fires burning
and the dogs entertained. Ha!

That's it for today from (mostly) inside at . . .


Leigh said...

Oh, the bittersweet reality of autumn! I could add that in my part of the country, it's a welcome relief from intense heat. But it also means winter is on the way; not as frigid as farther north, but the humidity makes the cold bone chilling. I do love a good wood fire though. :)

Mama Pea said...

What kid doesn't love a set of bunk beds? In our first "house" together, we had a set of bunk beds in a corner. (The house was a one-room 14' x 16' cabin!) Must admit I wasn't sad to see them go after we added on to the one room!

Our autumnal colors are completely gone and we're into bleak November. Not very attractive until the snows come.

Love the sweater pattern you've picked out. Very chic!

Christine said...

I've had Mr. Greenjeans in my queue forever. I need to get to it one of these days.

Laura said...

My sister and I experimented with bunk beds; fortunately, they came apart into two twin beds, and went to separate bedrooms!! I love the sweater - I think you will love it too! I seem to have misplaced my Inspira Cowl... Need to tear the trucks apart, as it has to be in one or the other!

Michelle said...

Leigh, our cold is the damp, bone-chilling kind, too. The wood fire not only warms us well, but helps everything (bath towels, laundry hung on my antique drying rack, etc.) dry out quickly rather than getting mildewy.

Oh my, Mama Pea, you were living like real pioneers; my hat's off to you!

We should knit it together, Christine!

You'd better get that old truck cleaned out so it's ready to go to a new home, Laura!