Sunday, September 29, 2013

Whiplashed and awash

Wow, what a difference a day can make! When I last posted, the weather forecast was for a dry, sunny stretch of "Indian summer" through this weekend. But a typhoon in Japan made a beeline for the Pacific Northwest, so instead of sun, we've had record-breaking rainfall. Fortunately, the worst of it waited until my friend and I were back from our short road trip.

The trip itself was good. It was great to have the travel time to catch up with my friend; we had a wonderful little visit with my dad and his wife, and came back with a truck loaded with all kinds of goodies. There was the cart and harness my friend bought – the impetus for the trip; a chest of my grandma's that my dad has been keeping for me since my grandma's funeral; a lathe and some bubinga wood that my dad gave us to play with; and some goodies from Country Mercantile, a favorite foodie gift shop north of Pasco, WA.
My grandma's chest
My dad's lathe
One of my grandma's things I'd tucked inside the chest
A much classier transport vehicle for a spindle and fiber!
The road trip's most unusual sighting . . . by far!

I no sooner got back Friday evening than the ex-typhoon was upon us. Rick and Brian had gotten the hen yard covered, so the only creatures without sufficient shelter were the four sheep in the wooded lot. So part of our chores included moving Bart and Browning into Sammy's vacated stall (Sammy was Rick's old cutting horse) so the three wethers and Bramble could move into the Sheep Sheraton. The breeding group have been sheltering inside the Ram-ada Inn, so I'm pretty sure these four are happy to be inside right now, too:

Today I rowed sailed drove over to Canby for brief meet-ups with Laura and the Jenkins at the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. Laura taught a class titled "How Do I Spin This?" and had a variety of fiber samples for her students – including roving from the half of Bart's hogget fleece she bought from me. I liked it so much I bought some back from her! I also bought some dyed merino/tussah silk roving from a vendor; I think they would look very nice together:

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Tombstone Livestock said...

The sheep look comfy cozy all tucked inside.

Love the wood chest, they just don't make furniture like that any more.

That car is so interesting, and you have almost all the license #. You should send a picture to Good Morning America, I enlarged the picture to read the sign the owner is very artistic and creative right down to place to make donations in the Lions mouth.

Florida Farm Girl said...

I know that an inch or more of rain for you guys is a total deluge. Here? It's just a good wet down. It'll be good for your water levels, though, if you can escape any temporary damage.

Glad you had a good trip. Sounds like you had fun.

Michelle said...

Audrey, some of the art was rather creepy!

FFG, trust me, we got more than an inch. See today's post!

Florida Farm Girl said...

Wow, that is a lot of rain!!!