Friday, May 30, 2008

W is for Wool, of course . . .

. . . and my Wonderful little Shetlands who grow it!

Browning's lustrous fleece, above.
Bryden's perfect little tail, above, and lustrous fleece, below.
Bevin's beautiful behind, above, and Blanche's, below.
If Bluster stacks up like that in the show ring, the rest of the ram lambs might as well go home. :-) And he has soft, consistent fleece (below) to go with it!
Blizz's fleece, above, is just as soft.
So far none of the lambs show Dad's bold crimp, above. I haven't processed Braveheart's lamb fleece yet, but this look at his midside fleece today has got me fairly itching to work it up!

Yes, I've been admiring my lambs a lot lately. But enough admiring; I realized it was high time to start halter-training Blizz and Bluster if I am to be able to LEAD them into the ring at Black Sheep Gathering three short weeks away! We have a long ways to go, but so far neither boy has thrown himself to the ground in protest. (Nancy, is that position #3 or 4?)I'm hoping to get most of the rodeo over with before I leave Tuesday morning, because I'll have precious little time after I get back late the 11th, then entertain company the 12th through the 17th, before hauling them to BSG on the 19th!

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Kathy said...

Beautiful lambs there, Michelle!

Mine always stand very correct when I don't have the camera with me, of course. It's off to our Wool Festival in town. Talk to you next week...

Laura said...

Here's the trick - Tie them up for 3-4 hours, give them enough slack that they can graze a little. I did this twice 2 years ago, and they were just fine.

Bonus - you can get other stuff done while you're "halter-training" your lambs.