Thursday, May 29, 2008

U is for "uncooperative" & "underfoot"

Blogger sure has been temperamental the past few days! It takes a full day of my asking over and over again before it decides it will upload my photos; I don't know what's up. Might as well get used to the frustration, though, as it is certainly not the only area of my life full of aggravation at the moment. Visit again tomorrow to learn more (if Blogger plays nice).

But for today I will focus on more pleasant subjects: our chickens! They really are charming, amusing additions to Boulderneigh. It is very hard to get good photos of of them, because if I go in their yard or coop, they gather underfoot and I have to move carefully to avoid trampling them. Either that, or they are gathered around the feeder; I can hardly believe how much four little pullets can eat! (And I thought my sheep were little piggies....) We've given up trying to tell the three Rhode Island Reds apart, although there are differences between them; only Morgan the Easter-Egger has retained her moniker. I think she is the loveliest of the four, and certainly looks more grown up. (What is it with all the baby fluff still on the one Rhodie's neck?) Corinne has made me green with envy over her lovely portraits (and the many beautiful varieties!) of her pullets, but I will swallow my pride and share my humble efforts below.
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Sharon said...

True confession - I'm afraid of chickens.

~TigereyeSal~ said...

They may be uncooperative, but they are very cute, even with that "mane" of baby fluff.


Michelle said...

Sharon, Rick's sister is, too! Never could understand her; I had pet banties as a young teen that I loved and have never really had any fears of animals or birds. But then again, I've never seen Hitchcock's "Birds"!

Actually, Sally, I was referring to Blogger as "uncooperative," although I can see why you thought I meant the chickens.

Crosswinds Farm said...

Your pullets look great and your photos are wonderful!
Now you need to add a bunch more to your flock :).