Tuesday, May 06, 2008

G is for good-night, but hopefully not good-bye

G was supposed to be for green. I took the above photo while jogging this morning, and the two below when I got back. By now you all know that it is green around here, but I was going to rub it in. :-)
Brava was stronger this morning, strong enough to struggle when I administered her Rebound paste. Her lab work had come back fairly normal, with no indication of infection; she wasn't hypo-calcemic or low on magnesium, either. I was encouraged, thinking she was out of the woods and just needed some continued supportive care. But when I went in to give her a dose of Probios at lunch, she was standing with her back hunched up, and when she moved, her legs were stiff and her gait was very abnormal. I called Lois when I couldn't get ahold of Rick, and she advised giving more B-complex (for the thiamine therein). This evening I expected to see improvement, but she was maybe worse, stumbling and going down once. I saw her drink and urinate, but she wasn't interested in eating, not even fresh grass. She finally nibbled a few alfalfa hay leaves.

When I turned to leave, I saw the lambs all bedded down in one corner of the fold, a sweet and peaceful sight.
May "Aunt Brava" soon be strong and healthy enough to join them.

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Tina T-P said...

She almost seems like she's gotten poisoned or something...any chance she could have eaten some rhododendron leaves or something like that?

I sure hope she pulls thru. T.

Joyce Scallorn said...

Wow Michelle I sure hope she recovers. I so hate it when our critter babies get sick. I had my share of losses over the winter and I still miss them. Nice to have the new little ones, they are sure cute!

Lauren Dorsee Dillon said...

Oh Michelle, I'm praying for the little girl. I sure hope she recovers.

Mim said...

Wow I hate to here problems! All we can do is everything we know and then it's up to the ewe.
I pray too!

Kathy said...

I hope she's better today, Michelle. I know we're all praying and keeping good vibes headed her way.
Sometimes you just do all you can and that's all you can do.

Becky Utecht said...

I hope Brava is getting better Michelle. It's so scary when our sheep get sick with mysterious illnesses like that. I wonder if she may have eaten something poisonous too.
Your photos, as usual, are superb! What beautiful countryside you live in.

Kathy said...

How is Brava today? Better I hope.