Monday, February 26, 2007


Valentine has been complaining vigorously about being cooped up, and I promised her I'd turn her and Rechel out at the first opportunity. Even though it's muddy and sloppy out, it is not actively raining today, so I decided to make good on my promise. While I dished up a pan of wet cob (rolled corn/oats/barley with molasses) to lead them to pasture instead of haltering them, Valentine danced around on her hind legs in anticipation of her favorite treat. But once I opened the gate, the girls lost ALL interest in food -- it was PLAYTIME !

First it was "Queens of the Hill" on the gravel pile outside their pen,
then Valentine wanted to play "Hide and Seek,"
then the girls ran footraces and held "sheep pogo" contests (really hard to get a good shot of those).

I finally put the pan down to lure them over, thinking once they got a taste of sweet feed they'd follow me to the pasture.
Valentine did, but Rechel wanted to play "tag."
Eventually I cornered her, and she joined Valentine in the pasture to dine on fir branchlets.

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Kathy said...

It must be something in the air or the water --- last evening, Iput Amanda and Lacey in their pen with feed and some yummies (cookies)...all fine and good, then TRIED to get Ailee and Loretta in. I say "tried" because they spent more time airborne than on the ground and would not come in until they were both panting like dogs.
What I want to know is where do they get their energy...and can I get some? ;)

Michelle said...

Don't you know? It's all that fresh air and the vegetarian diet -- hee hee!

Lauren said...

What lovely girls- and so clean! They put my messy, uncontained hay eaters to shame. But I love them all anyway, covered with chaf or show ready.

Kathy said...

Are the cookies done? :)

Michelle said...

Lauren, you just aren't close enough to see the junk in their fleeces -- and the dirt! Notice that they look the same color, even though one is a grey nearly faded to white and one is a light moorit? Today I sent off the entry and fees for all four fleeces to be entered in the fleece show and sale at Shepherds' Extravaganza, so we'll see what the judge says. I have no illusions of doing well; I just hope the judge doesn't reject my fleeces altogether!