Friday, July 13, 2018

Suck it up, Buttercup

It's hot. I hurt. Need sleep. This sucks.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We all have trials and tribulations, and we all have blessings. I have A/C (even though I'm loath to use it and pay the electric bill). The heat is a good excuse to spin. And all those noxious weeds that covered that lot? They're getting torn out.
That's it for today from . . .


Debbie said...

You spinning is beautiful! Great progress!

In your last photo the scoop has a dinosaur look to it. At least the weeds are going.

Stay cool.

Mama Pea said...

Yikes, I can't believe how close to you that next door construction is! Arrgh.

We're having a very unusual summer here, too, as far as heat goes. We hit 90 degrees today and I thought I would melt. I spent a little time in the cool basement (aaaaaah) sorting out the last of my onions from last year (sprouting like crazy they were) and when I came back up into the main part of the house, it felt very warm. Then I went out to the compost heap to dump the sprouted and soft onions and when I came back into the house, it felt cool!! I guess it's all relative, eh?

Michelle said...

Thanks, Debbie; it will definitely be "rustic" yarn, but I think it will work wonderfully for fingerless mitts.

It is VERY close; I took the first photo from my chair in the living room looking through the window (the second one is through the window at the glass for better quality). And it started at 6:30 this morning.... Fortunately this evening is cooling off with a light coastal breeze, so I have the windows open and am enjoying the fresh air.

Goatldi said...

You have my sympathies . Both on the higher heat I know 90 is equal to 110 here for Oregonians.

Much more so for the construction. That was part of what lead us to run away from Fresno county. 245 single family homes around our two acres . The construction was almost unbearable. Especially when they were excavating the "ponding basin". Which is Californian for large basin in ground to collect rain run off from flat surfaces (which is pretty much the entire central valley) when it rains.

The animals and I were nerves on edge for weeks like living in a earthquake daily starting at 7:30 AM. Yuck take care!

thecrazysheeplady said... all of it...except the spinning. That looks really nice!

Mokihana said...

Lovely spinning; don't you just love your WooLee Winder? What wheel do you have?

This heat is no fun...and it looks like it's gonna be around for awhile.

Michelle said...

We got up to 100, Goatldi! The lot on the north continues to be quiet this week, but we always know more development is coming. As we were told when we moved here in 1989, "You can't expect paradise to be unpopulated!"

Thanks for the commiseration and the compliment, Sara!

Yes, I do, Mokihana; it's on a Hansen miniSpinner. At least heat has moderated some....