Monday, May 01, 2017

Lamb round-up for the end of April

Yesterday the three big girls slipped under the gate to run up and down the driveway; photo op!

The Littles were on the right side of the fence taking a breather; they are seasoned racing lambs now. ;-)

Bernadette – last but not least!
Mr. Humphrey Bogart is looking studlier by the day, but he's (appropriately) wary of humans so I haven't had good photo ops of late. I tried again after bringing everyone in and got some decent shots. Both my ram lambs are smooth-polled so far; Bogie has interesting dark patches of wool where his horn buds would be if he had any.

If you're looking for a promising polled, fine-fleeced musket flock sire prospect, let me know!

That's all the lambadamadingdongs at . . .


Susan said...

Oh, my. What beautiful lambs! If I lived closer, I would be sorely tempted to add one or two to my farm!

Anonymous said...