Thursday, May 25, 2017

Brown and white and black and blue

Yesterday morning I decided it was Babette's turn for a haircut – and threw in some lamby halter-training for free! Bernadette was not impressed, and had to have a little lie-down AND warm milk to recover. ;-)

Babette is aptly named: 

Bernadette may look like her mommy, but thankfully doesn't sound like her – as long as she could be up ON the stand with Babette. Mommy's little brown shadow....

 Afterwards I let them graze on the long grass around the chicken quarters for a bit.

I sat on the ground so I could scoop up Bernie and take a good look at her. No sign of fading anywhere; I do believe she's going to stay moorit.

When I noticed how interested Blake and his minions were in the grazing ladies, I had an idea. I usually can't get the boys to go down the chute into the Ram-ada Inn lot without help, and I can't catch them in their larger lot. Using Babette as bait, I easily haltered Blake. Once Babette and Bernadette were back in the fold with the other girls, I used Blake to lead the wethers into the Ram-ada Inn. Gotcha!

That's it for brown; the white and black and blue will have to wait for the next post!

Snipping away at . . .


Leigh said...

Ha ha, good job on moving the boys. Bernadette is so cute! Looks like you're doing a good job with their fleece cuts.

Michelle said...

Thanks, Leigh; sometimes you have to be pretty crafty to get things done with animals. Scissor-shearing works well for me; I'd probably butcher the fleece AND the sheep with real sheep shears!