Thursday, May 25, 2017

Brown and white and black and blue, part 2

This sight greeted me this morning:
Congratulations, Benny; you just moved to the front of the line!

It was quite a feat to get him up on the stand; there was a lot of heaving and ho-ing. Under that big white fleece was a "fluffy" white sheep; ahem.

With Benny sheared and outfitted with a fresh coat, I looked at the time. I had enough to do one more before showering and leaving to pick Brian up from school. I chose the smaller of the remaining two wethers just to be safe . . . silly me!

Bing is affectionately known as Bing-aling, because he can be skittish, aka a "dingaling." Turns out he is also VERY.TOUCHY. about his behind. He bucked and hopped, kicked and body-slammed me while I tried to get his tail, rump, and britch area sheared without drawing blood. Eventually I got most of it and decided to move on to his main fleece.
I heard my phone ding several times and ignored one incoming phone call. When I was almost done my phone rang again, so I looked to see who it was – and noticed the time. Ack! It was time leave for Salem! I threw a coat on a mostly sheared Bing, put him in the Ram-ada Inn, and dashed off to pick up my son in all my greasy, stinky "glory."
That's Bing's sister Blaise peeking through the gate behind him

As soon as we got home I cleaned up Bing and put him out with Blake and Benny, then took a much needed shower. Where is my personal masseuse when I need one?
"Who are you again?"

That's it for today from . . .


Leigh said...

Ha ha, Benny! However do they manage. One of my kids always managed to wiggle out of her baby goat coat like a little Houdini. Interesting that Bing is so sensitive about his back. Good thing you weren't hurt in the scuffle!

Diane said...

Aghh! Seeing Benny like that...Such a beautiful white fleece. It is hard to get a good white too. Many cream or musket. But the white is a gem! Congrats in your harvest, hope he didn't have too much exposure to outside elements.

Mama Pea said...

Good thing you didn't have to rush to a meeting and sit next to someone who would be giving you . . . um, uh . . . strange looks! ;o)

Michelle said...

Nothing that some Advil didn't help, Leigh. Oh, and the coat was askew because one of the leg straps could no longer take the strain from all that fleece and fat!

No worries, Diane; it was still pristine. Must have happened that morning. In the market for a white fleece? It's the only true white I have!

Mama Pea, I would definitely have rescheduled!

C-ingspots said...

Sounds like an event I would have liked to be videotaping from the bushes. :)

Benny has gotten SO big, and yes a bit fluffy too!

We lost our chicken girl, Lucy yesterday. She'd been in hospital for a couple of months recuperating from what we thought was a damaged leg, but nothing ever looked out of place or anything, but she frequently fell over and was weak, couldn't get in the trees for safety overnight...she was getting so much stronger and then the night before she died, she had a relapse. Of what though? Very sad, but she was content and cared for in her last days, and died peacefully in her nest. :( Amazing to me, how sad I was at her loss. Biff too. SO easy to become attached to these animals.