Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Alternating frills and fleeces

I have another slew of sheep shots to share, but thought maybe I should alternate subjects for the sake of the less ovine-inclined. How about more flowers?

On Saturday the first of our bearded iris opened; I posted its portrait after shots of all the rhododendrons that were in bloom here. Well, every day since then a new iris has unfolded. It's been a veritable runway show with flamboyantly dressed, tall, beautiful models! Sunday:


Tina commented that our yard must look like a fairyland this time of year. Can you hear my laughter in Bellingham, Tina? ;-)  Grass and weeds are trying to take over everywhere; I carefully frame my photos to minimize them. Our irises have dwindled from competition and neglect.  :-( This photo is more realistic:
I did pull a lot of grass and weeds from the bed earlier this month when the soil was wet, but by no means got it cleaned out. Try as I might, I can't begin to keep up on all the weeding needed around here; I need a full-time gardener. Funny, though, how the old varieties in the pasture seem unperturbed by neglect and vigorous competition!

There are other flowers newly blooming, too. My species geranium, a most delightful shade of blue:

And one more rhody, which is mostly taking the year off:

That's it for today from . . .


Debbie said...


The iris in the pasture is perfect.
The species geranium is lovely.

thanks for sharing!

Mama Pea said...

I just wish I had blooms like you do . . . weeds or not!!

Susan said...

That dark red iris is to die for!