Tuesday, March 07, 2017

A freeze on productivity

Outside it's windy, rainy, and 42 degrees. Inside it's 60 because I hate paying high electricity bills and we are out of firewood. Well, not out out, but out of anything ready and able to be burned. We've kept the house nice and cozy all winter until Sunday so I'm spoiled for comfort; now all I want to do is curl up in my fleece sheets under the electric blanket. I'm wearing a turtleneck and a wool sweater for the first time in I don't know how long, wishing I had thick, woolen leg warmers and down booties for my chilly lower extremities. I'm looking forward to the drive to pick up Brian from school; seat heaters are a wonderful innovation. ;-)

On my way through Salem I'll pass this Mexican restaurant:
One could almost warm up just looking at it!

That's it for now from cold, wet, and windy . . .


C-ingspots said...

Oh yes, heated seats are the BEST!!!

Rain said...

I kind of feel that way lately...we heat with Hydro (rental with only a leaky fireplace) and it's SO DARN expensive...I keep turning the heat down/off in rooms and our noses are cold, but I just feel so ripped off paying that Hydro bill!

Theresa said...

We heat with a wood fired boiler and I have to be honest, we keep the house at 62 or 63 all winter. I like being cool but Gene keeps his office at a stifling 70 degrees.
You need a pack of small dogs Michelle, they are like little heated bricks! ;-)

Oh and the heated car seats are the bomb. It was one of the few things I insisted on in the new car, after I threw shade on the whole concept when I bought that last car.
My sales guy said I would love those heated seats and I had to admit, I did!
So, was it tamales to go?