Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday mishmash

It's ba-ack!
The trackhoe was brought back to the next-door lot and has been piling up the last of the stumps. We'll no doubt have another huge, smoking fire; let's hope we're upwind!

A much more welcome sight was this dear friend:
Laura stopped by briefly on Saturday afternoon after picking up the newest addition to her little dairy flock, this adorable Nigerian doeling. In addition to sharing the cuteness, Laura shared some of her Jarlsberg cheese; YUM! Laura is good at whatever she turns her hand to; this latest cheesemaking endeavor is no exception. She's going to be teaching a cheesemaking class soon; you go, girl!

Here's a closer look at the sweet baby,
and here's a closer look at the backdrop. My giant clump of white flags is going gangbusters this year! Like our garden, they are not ideally located, but after trying to dig them out with a shovel, I think it would take dynamite to evict them from this spot in my island bed.
This next one made me laugh. I walked through the great room to see Brian cuddling his dog. I had to grab my camera, even though Jackson hates that black box pointed at him. Doesn't he look chagrined to be in this undignified position?

I posted some sunset photos taken this evening on Instagram. Took them from the back of my horse, which made the evening even better. ;-)

That's it for today from . . .


Mary Ann said...

1. The picture of Brian and Jackson is a keeper. 2. I LOVE INSTAGRAM, I can't believe I'm not follow you... I will... 3. That little doe was a doll.
4. I would love to try Jarlsberg cheese!

Theresa said...

So good to see and know Laura is doing well and such a cute little doeling. How is her big beautiful mare doing? The folks who make cheeses and do the growers markets weekly do well. Jarlsberg is always a favorite in this house as is Emmentaler
Nice capture of Brian and Jackson.

Maggie said...

Oh what an adorable little goat....seeing it has reminded me of Bam Bam and Time!