Saturday, May 21, 2016

Bits and bobs from the past week

After three focused posts this week, I find myself with leftovers to share – and wonder of wonders, time to share them! So in mostly chronological order....

Tesla Model X. Yeah, I got to ride in one last Saturday evening. Coolest thing I have ever been in; Totally Ludicrous!!!

Orchid. More blooms! It has truly been a gift that keeps on giving.

Chickens. We're down to 10, after losing a Red Sex Link this week. The rescued Elvira (below, back left, with the three young black Easter Eggers) isn't looking too perky, either; I suspect she will be the next to go. I love having our own egg producers; I hate that most chickens have such a short 'shelf life.'

Hay. Our favorite local hay guy called this week. He took advantage of the recent hot weather window and put up first cutting, the only producer we saw who did that. We have dibs on the remaining 136 bales, and it is tucked in his barn until we can get it. It's a start!

Space ship spotted in Oregon pasture! (If you don't follow Sara's blog, you need to click on that link.) After banning them from the pasture due to maturing grass seed heads, I let the ewes out a couple days this week. The horses had eaten and trampled the grass some, and the cooler, wetter weather had made it softer. Imagine my surprise to look out and see that Blaise was ready for lift-off!
Maybe she was just avoiding the nasties. After pulling a wicked grass seed head out of Babette's fleece, the girls are banned again. This stuff (looks like cheat grass but BIG) is wicked:

Colds. Brian and I both have 'em. Not surprising, given the short nights we've had in the past week or so. Between allergies and viruses, we should own stock in Kleenex.

Garden update – already! Yesterday I made a quick run to the metal recycler in Salem, so I stopped at Bi-Mart to see what they had on my garden list. Picked up six tomato plants (two Ace, a Celebrity, a Super Fantastic VF, a Stupice, and a Sweet Million); a Satin Beauty eggplant; and some yellow straightneck, zucchini, and additional bush bean seeds. Then I came home and got them all planted; yay me! Here's an updated panoramic shot to help me keep it all straight:

Loving the return to cooler, damp weather (although we could use a lot more of the wet stuff). Besides being more comfortable, the sky shows are a lot more interesting. Here are a few shots I took this week; worth clicking to biggify if I do say so myself.

That's quite a lot from . . .


Ruth Dixon said...

Finally getting to the garden. I am feeling really behind on it, but it's all good. Will your hay guy be doing another cutting. We don't have any local grass here on the coast and I'm gonna need cow hay soon. Love your pictures, your sunsets are amazing.

thecrazysheeplady said...

I wish we had a space ship that could teleport us back and forth :-D.

Michelle said...

Yes, Ruth, this hay guy is one of the rare ones who irrigates to get more than one cutting. But he has a waiting list; we were #2, which is why we only got 136 bales – and there wasn't any left for #3!

Me, too, Sara!

Theresa said...

I'm just wondering if you ever have a quiet week! You've reminded me I need to call my hay guy. He always puts aside 8 ton for us, but I think we all feel better if bases are touched. I think last year some growers had a small 3rd cutting

Susan said...

Good news on the hay! I am hoping I can hold out until the first cutting around here - it's going to be tight. Your garden is so organized. I really hope I can get most of mine done this coming long weekend. I never relax until everything is planted.