Monday, March 21, 2016

Signs of spring

In some parts of the country, spring showers may bring spring flowers; here, they occur concurrently.
We can all get to feeling like this about the rain
Tahiti, the last of my daffodils to bloom
Here are some photos of Babette on day #2. I am very pleased with her structure and birth coat, although not with my photographic attempts to capture either.
iPhone photo

Yesterday we attended a Michael Card concert. Love his message-filled music! The flower-draped cross was another lovely symbol of spring.
The school for which the concert was a benefit is the one we are considering for Brian next year. Michael had the school's choral group sing backup for him on one of his most heartwrenchingly beautiful songs:

The seasons are marching on at . . .


Theresa said...

Well that is one cute lamb! We are so far behind you in the spring thing. No flowers but the daffodils and tulips have broken ground. Wet snow this morning....

Susan said...

What a darling ewe lamb! And that photograph of the dove is just wonderful!