Thursday, March 24, 2016

Fair warning to the winter-weary ;-)

Please don't "see red" when I show you our spring flowers,
and green grass. Just remember that when many of you are enjoying green grass this summer, ours will be brown and dry! For now, though, the only brown in my pasture are beautimus sheep. (Okay, and a little mud.)
Babette got her first outing with the ewe flock yesterday. See her there in the middle? Below you can just see her dark head in front of big sister Bree and behind Mom's neck (biggifying suggested).

The wide world and multiple sheep were a bit overwhelming to Babette and stressful to Vienna,

so Vienna took her Precious away to a "safer" spot.
Back in the fold during chores last night, I enticed a bouncy Babette with wiggly fingers. She sniffed and retreated, sniffed and retreated. Then she bopped close enough for my fingers to rub her shoulder. "Ahhh, what bliss is this?" This morning when I went in the nursery pen she walked right up, if still a little tentative, and asked, "Could I have some more of that blissful touching?" Of course, my pretty, of course!

Rejoicing at the beginning of a long and lasting relationship at . . .


Theresa said...

Great that she is a keeper! Pity she is onsie though. Will you try breeding Sarai again?

Michelle said...

Yes, I will try breeding Sarai again. Unless there was internal damage from this lambing, she should do fine; she's had two sets of twins before.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Babettes first outing into the big wide world went well,
Luckily she has a good mother who knows when to move away from the flock and give her some space.
Lovely to hear she is warming to you Michelle - warms my heart!
Happy Easter

Maya said...

Your spring looks full of life, full of energy, so colorful and greeny