Friday, March 11, 2016

A post! A post! A potpourri post!

Ah, life; you are so . . . full. My DH's immediate family are all in town (staying at the MIL's because of allergies and togetherness). Today, everyone went to the beach . . . but me. This is okay, for while I love the Oregon coast, having a day to catch up is also nice. I spent all evening with them after work yesterday, and will spend all day tomorrow with them.

I've been collecting little things to share with you on a rainy day (Ha; that's been every day lately!) a day with a little wiggle room.

Drum roll, please! For the first time since July 17, 2015, we got five eggs in one day. Huzzah for the Inkspots' production and influence!

The flower parade continues outside,
and the flower marathon continues inside. Yes, my orchid maintains its perfect appearance day after day, week after week. I should be so well preserved!

Never fear; the sheep are here.
Lambs, however, are not. Vienna (rocking the latest nose-wisp look, above) and Sarai (not pictured) are both clearly pregnant, but neither are bagging up significantly yet. I'm crossing fingers and toes that they lamb by the end of this month, because I'll be gone at a women's retreat on the coast the first weekend in April, and we'll ALL be gone on a trip the second weekend of April. Some of you may remember that we would have lost all three of Vienna's lambs last year (instead of just one) if we hadn't been here to intervene.

I missed the sunrise this AM, but the morning sky was still beautiful. The south end of the valley was lit up like a shining sea (click to biggify).

That's it for now from . . .


Mt Devon Meanderings said...

We are looking forward to lambs the end of next month. I have something scheduled for the first week of May and I am so hoping we don't have any lambs then. They begin to take over your life and calendar don't they?

Mary Ann said...

Oh, I hope the lambs get here soon! I miss having daffodils... but I DO have new iris coming up! Maybe next year for daffodils!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

I'm imagining the rich orange of those yolks - delicious!
There's nothing quite like flowers to lift the spirits is there Michelle. I'm not a good keeper of indoor plants but I've always admired the moth orchids!
Retreat - I could do with one now.
I've been working full time again with people away - I'm longing for some "me" time!
Enjoy yours!

Michelle said...

Yes, they do – in a mostly good way. But then again I breed very few each year. ;-)

Michelle said...

Our iris are coming up, too, but my iris bed is shamefully weedy – I'll be embarrassed to share photos! :-(

Michelle said...

Thanks for visiting, Shane! It is wonderful to have plenty of fresh eggs again, and I do enjoy the flowers. Getting a little tired of all the rain, though....