Sunday, April 19, 2015

Seaside souvenirs (a photo tsunami)

Fair warning: There are a LOT of photos, and there are NONE of lambs. ;-)  They are all from Easter weekend at our church's women's retreat on the Oregon coast.

We've stayed in the same beautifully appointed house – The Dawn Treader – the last three years. Kate and I shared a king-sized bed next to those three little windows on the top floor straight up from the white SUV in the driveway.
This is one of the most pleasing developments I have ever seen. High density, but every house and cottage and garage is different and charming, with lots of lovely landscaping and decorative touches to delight the eye. It is built in a little valley between the previously developed cliff above the beach and the high ground of the town beyond – a really bad place to be in a tsunami! Of course, I wouldn't want to be perched on the cliff, either. (You couldn't pay me enough to stay in some of those houses!) The most direct route to the beach is down a long flight of stairs.
The first morning we got to the top of the cliff just as the morning sun hit the waves. Incredible! (Click to biggify.)
Later that day we walked down to the tide pools. There was a alarming dearth of starfish, illustrating the news reports of a massive West Coast die-off. On the other hand, I've never before seen so many hermit crabs!
I'm so glad I went. This place feeds my soul!

Oh, and I do have actual souvenirs, besides photos.
(The oyster shells were in a big pile on an empty lot.) I plan to wire-wrap these when I have time . . . someday . . . at


Unknown said...

BEAUTIFUL photos of the ocean and sea shells. It looks like a great place to "refuel."

A :-) said...

Being by the water is one of the most restorative things we can do for ourselves. I think it's why I've always returned to Chicagoland - the Lake qualifies as a large body of water. Being near it and being able to see it every day is something I never take for granted. So glad you had a great retreat :-)

Florida Farm Girl said...

What a wonderful weekend you had! Isn't it amazing how the ocean or the mountains can put your life into perspective? Makes you (at least me) realize that I'm only a tiny part of this wonderful world we live in and it soothes the soul as you said.

Lori Skoog said...

Your photos are gorgeous! I can see why you would love that place.

Susan said...

Such a beautiful place - I agree that the ocean has a magical, serene effect on you. Glad you had the opportunity to go.