Monday, April 27, 2015

On the move

I just learned today that Marta (black gulmoget, above) and Bali Hai will be going to their new home on Sunday. (Yes, it's true; I'm selling sheep!) Marta was sheared earlier this month, but Bali's fleece is in the rise so my shearer left her for me to roo. I'd better get busy and roo it – or lose it!

Brosna will join Marta and Bali when she's weaned. I was hoping they could all go together as that is less stressful, but hopefully Brosna will find the two familiar faces in the flock when she joins them later.

I also have someone interested in a polled ram. I have four to choose from, and will probably let the buyer take her pick in spite of my preferences about who stays and who goes; we'll see. FYI; I still have rams, fiber wethers and fleeces available!


This "Music Monday," I have photos for you instead of video. Gertrude, one of Brian's violin teacher's three cats, is the queen of her comely castle and a lovely model. I took the "still life" last week, and "lounging Cleocatra" this week.

That's it for today from . . .

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Unknown said...

Good pictures of lambs in motion and cats in still life!! They all have the "good life," I'd say!!