Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Drool-worthy fleece and flock dynamics

I got an unexpected block of time this evening when Brian persuaded his dad to take him to fencing class, and I knew exactly how to use it!
I thought I'd be rooing Bali, but her fleece was too tight – and she was too jumpy – to do that. I decided to make it easier on both of us and scissor-sheared her. She still wanted to leap around, but settled down after I got after her a couple times.

Here's a shot of her parted fleece before I started:
She had a good 3" or more of staple length, and I was able to get her fleece off in one piece. It is sooo tempting to keep this lovely first shearing for myself, but I'm afraid it would languish for years before I found time to spin it. Someone needs to take it off my hands, quick!

When I turned Bali out to join the ewes and lambs out in the pasture, you'd think she was an alien by how she was treated.

Don't worry; she didn't get hurt and everything was copacetic when I put them in the fold for the night.

It will be hard to say good-bye to this lovely young lady on Sunday (and to shy little Marta, too). Even Rick, who often complains about how many sheep we have, said with disappointment, "You're selling the friendly one, huh?"

Bracing for change at . . .


LannieK said...

Nice fleece! Selling!? But you only have... eight or so... :-)

Unknown said...

Beautiful fleece!

It was so interesting to see how Bali was treated...hmm...yes...mean girls! I'm glad all was well by evening. Do you think they were jealous of her new shearing??? :-)

Michelle said...

LannieK, I have 14 fleeces off/coming off this spring, and time to spin . . . zero. :-(

Nancy Kay, sheep just aren't very nice to newcomers, and even though you'd think the girls would recognize Bali by face (interesting research there) and scent, they still treated her like a newcomer. Problem is, she expected to walk in and join her family; what a rude welcome!

Mary Ann said...

You did that with SCISSORS????? Wow! And that big black spot! I did not know you were selling, I know you'll miss them!

Michelle said...

Mary Ann, I have Fiskars Soft-Touch scissors, and they work beautifully. As for selling, I can't keep breeding (and having the thrill of achieving flock goals!) if I don't sell some. If my sheep can help another flock reach their goals or a spinner produce their own beautiful fiber, that's a win-win.

Shiralynkay said...

Michelle I would be interested in one or half of one of the light colored fleeces. You have my email address. Let me know what you are selling.