Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Besties, boots, barns, and blooms

This morning I loved on my brown-sugar girlies again. I started with Bree,

then turned to Brosna.
At which point Bree let me know she wanted more by jumping up on my knee! Awww; my new besties. I'm a happy shepherd!

I'm also a blessed shepherd. I needed to replace my old LLBean chore shoes, which were cracked and worn, but hadn't bit that bullet yet. Then I got an email from blogpal Theresa, asking if I could wear Blundstone boots in a size 8.5. Why yes; yes, I can!!! Thank-you SO much, Theresa!

It is a sad thing to love big, old barns as I do; they too often die slow, neglected deaths. Recently, an old barn that didn't look too bad was torn down. I figured the owners were going to put up a second big, bland metal shed, if anything. Imagine my surprise – and delight! – when this classy structure started taking shape!

It looks like more than just a barn. Perhaps it will have living quarters upstairs? Here it is with the metal shed constructed last year:

As for flowers around the farm – the daffodils and narcissus are on their last stems, but the rosemary is still going strong and the perennial bachelor's buttons are ramping up. Soon our double-flowered cherry is going to explode with fluffy pink confetti . . . the parade continues!

That's it for now from . . .


thecrazysheeplady said...

Cool design! Do you see a face on the garage/end door? :-D

Michelle said...

I do now! ;-)

Tubaville said...

I am quite envious of your flowers! They are just gorgeous! And that barn! So cool!

Theresa said...

Oh looks like you have "Amethyst in Snow" in the Batc. Buttons. I have that variety too and it is just now thinking about growing buds. We are a bit behind you I'd say. Glad the boots worked out.