Friday, January 30, 2015

Words and Waterlogue

It's 9:40 at night and one of the neighbor's roosters is crowing. Must be time for someone to get up, kinda like "it's 5:00 somewhere." All I want to do is go to bed, and maybe after this I will.

Even though I desperately want to spew out a boatload of frustration, discouragement, and despair, doing so wouldn't make me feel better and would likely make you feel a whole lot worse. I tell my son, "If you can't say anything nice...."; guess I'd better practice what I preach. (Hey, at least that way I would know at least ONE person listens to me!)

Redirecting. Recently I purchased an app for my phone after a blogpal wrote a glowing review of it. I dabbled with it without satisfaction until trying it out on a photo of the fountain in the neighboring winery's fire abatement pond that I took at dusk.

Waterlogue made magic out of it!

Hmm; I wonder if I could "Waterlogue" my life?

Shutting up now at . . .


Theresa said...

Oh, if we only could! ;-) Hoping today finds you in a better place. Go ride Big Red.

Debbie said...

Waterlogue is very cool. I've been using paper artist on my phone. I'm going to check out your app.
Sorry you week has had frustrations.
Wishing you a good weekend!

A :-) said...

Oh, very cool app! Those photos are beautiful :-)

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Ha ha that old rooster might have had kiwi connections Michelle - as it was probably 5am in New Zealand!
I've looked at the app too and would love to try it out however I'm having difficulty getting photos off my iphone and on to my computer. I email them but they never arrive - is the file too big or what.
I'm glad I popped in today and thank you for your visit Michelle.
Keep warm - your gorgeous sheep will be happy in their woolly coats!

Florida Farm Girl said...

I love the effects of the Waterlogue app. Unfortunately, I'm a pc user and its not available for Windows. I'm sure there's another app similar to it somewhere out there, though. Hope things settle down around you house soon. Hang in there.

Michelle said...

Thanks, Theresa; I did hop on for a walk-around yesterday afternoon. Today it's raining....

It'll be a working Sunday for me, Debbie.

Thanks, Adrienne!

I can’t email my photos from my phone to my computer, either, Shane – and both are Apple products! I have to connect my phone to my laptop with the charging cord (the USB end attaches to my computer), import them into iPhoto, and then export them to the folder in which I want them stored. All that hassle is one of the reasons I don’t like to use my iPhone for photography, but that app sucked me in. ;-)

I hope you can find a fun app for your Android phone, FFG. There sure are a lot of amazing apps out there; I just learned about a bird field guide complete with bird calls I'm going to have to look for!

Unknown said...

What an interesting app. It sure made a great looking image of the water fountain. Love it.