Friday, August 08, 2014

Leading ladies and their admirers

I had a single, lovely image I was going to share today, with the title "Flutterby Friday:"

But when Rick took Brian with him on his morning call, I decided to take the opportunity to work with my ewe lambs a bit. Proper deportment is expected of the ladies at Boulderneigh (of all my sheep, actually), but Bali and Blaise have had very little halter-training so far. Time to change that!

The video was taken after the yelling had subsided and the girls had discovered a bit of green grass. You can see the three wethers in the background, staring at the girls like a group of construction workers.

They have good taste. ;-)  I'm still enchanted with Blaise's marking; I think she has the prettiest face!
A few days of leading them out to some tasty grass should halter-train them quickly. There's nothing green left in their pastures (Rick mowed down the tall, dry stalks).

The upper pasture has some regrowth (because the horses haven't been able to go out), but isn't fenced for sheep.
Such is summer in the Willamette Valley!

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Kelly said...

I have about 30 lambs you can do next Michelle!!!

Fiona said...

Doesn't the time invested in halter training pay off! They look wonderful and are beautiful lambs!

thecrazysheeplady said...

I need to do some halter training here :-o. Baaxter at very least.

Anonymous said...

I miss having a 4-H'er around the place. Halter training used to be Kid the Younger's job every spring. We would catch up all the lambs, halter them and tie them to the fence for a while. Then he would lead each one for a moment and let them go. A couple of sessions was all it took for most of them, and it made fairs and shows so much easier! And they remember it later on in life, when leading is needed for whatever reason. Such pretty girls you have there!

Tina T-P said...

The Shepherd needs to do some halter training too - but we don't have ANY green grass to lead them too - it's dry as a bone up here - although we're coming up on fair week, so it will probably rain at least once :-)

I can't believe it's only three weeks to Labor Day! T.

edde said...

Can I ask where to get ghe shetland size halters?

Michelle said...

Kelly, I'd be glad to help in exchange for a fine-fleeced, polled ewe lamb! ;-)

Yes, it does, Fiona.

Sara, I thought you just "cookie-trained" yours – ha!

They do learn quickly, Sue; they definitely aren't "dumb sheep."

Wow, Tina, I figured you'd still have some green up there!

Edde, the ones I use and like are the three-way adjustable alpaca/llama halters from