Monday, March 24, 2014

Roo, roo, roo your ewe...

...'til she's completely bare!

Yesterday was beautiful – just barely warm, absolutely still. I set up shop outside, and started relieving Annabelle of her beautiful fleece. Even with an even rise, Annabelle wasn't thrilled with the process, so I went slowly. Without her fleece, she looks, unfortunately, like a dairy cow – all bony frame and pendulous udder – and even a few black spots!
Almost finished
Done and resuited
(I feel badly for removing the wool that cushioned her from her lambs' pointy little hooves; she was shivering this morning, too.)

After rooing Annabelle, I turned the girls and lambs out for some pasture time. But it was also Benny's mealtime, so I went and warmed his bottle and brought it down to the pasture.

Even though Benny lives with the sheep and still latches on to suckle mom, albeit very briefly, he looks to people to have his belly filled. As much as I had hoped to keep this arrangement very businesslike for the sake of keeping his future options open, I'm afraid he's doomed:

Yep, doomed to be a fiber pet – which is probably is a better long-term option for a sheep anyway!

Sitting in the sunshine feeding Benny gave me a chance to get a good photo of Jet, too:
Mr. Suave is still keeping his future options open. ;-)

The future for these buds is perfuming the air with the delightful aroma of lilacs; mmmm!

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DianeOart said...

Both are cuties but Benny wins the bottle race. :D

Michelle said...

That is the cutest video. He knows his name.

C-ingspots said...

Oh my word - he's just so stinkin' adorable!!!! I'd have to keep him.

Unknown said...

Oh, man, this video is so cute. Both lambies are growing right before our eyes...thanks for sharing the pics and videos.

I hope Annabelle is getting used to her new haircut.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest not warming his bottles. They are less likely to overeat on cold milk. Yes, mom's milk is warm, but they only get a little at a time versus the glut when bottle fed. I am supplementing my goat triplets now (It's still mom's milk, just fed from the bottle). In the morning, when I've just milked her, it starts warm, but the bottle is fresh out of the fridge the rest of the time.

thecrazysheeplady said...

If I was closer, cute little Benny could be a fiber pet here :-D.