Sunday, March 23, 2014

Beached whales, and a breakthrough

Sarai and Marta are at the uncomfortable stage of pregnancy – Sarai, especially. When she lays down, her breathing comes in grunts. When she stands up, she often has a distant, preoccupied look. She frequently uses the overturned mineral feeder to pose like a circus elephant; I'm sure doing so eases the pressure on her lungs and other organs. Friday night for the first time I noticed Marta standing on it, too.

The shearer will be here Wednesday morning, and I'm nervous about having them manhandled. I know, I know; it's done all the time, but miscarriages do occur. Sarai is looking a little ragged; I need to pull her coat off and check her for roo-ability. Last year her fleece didn't roo easily and I felt badly afterwards for persevering, but every year is different. Take Annabelle, for example! Her fleece is so loose – all over – I'm surprised it hasn't come flying off when she gives a good shake!
 No point in paying the shearer to relieve her of her fleece or having the old girl endure the shearing process; stayed tuned for rooing.

Here's the other new development:
After three and a half years living here, Annabelle has discovered the pleasures of being scratched by her shepherd! This makes the shepherd pretty happy.  :-)

Edited to add LAMBS – as promised in the last post!
I don't think the milk is going through Benny's head and out his ear to Jet!

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Susan said...

Hurray for Annabelle! I hope your girls find relief soon - and give you some lovely ewe lambs...

Unknown said...

Good luck with the shearing. I think it's soooo sweet to see Annabell taking a liking to being scratched! And the pictures of the dear!

Leigh said...

Oh, that lamb photo is so cute! What a happy time of year. Such good news about Annabelle too. They do come around eventually. :)