Monday, February 24, 2014

Last day to enter!

My little lambing contest closes tonight at midnight, so if you'd like a chance at winning a photo print or a small handknit, go to this post and leave a comment (make sure I have a way to contact you!). I think only nine people have entered so far, which means the odds are pretty good – or my prizes are pretty bad. ;-)  (I'm still searching for the magic formula that inspires more visitors to comment!)

We had sun over the weekend (although clouds and showers returned yesterday) so the "ladies, in I'm waiting" got some pasture time. It was limited – don't want anyone getting grass tetani – so they didn't want to go back to the fold. Good thing I had two energetic lads to help herd them! The ewes are all doing well, although Annabelle is still the only one who is obviously pregnant. She gets extra groceries since she's 11 this year, which is getting up there for a sheep (although Sandra has had some who lived far longer!). I make her share the grain with Marta, since Marta was showing symptoms of possible toxemia a few weeks ago, which Annabelle does begrudgingly at best. The other morning she got down on her knees, a better position from which to hog the bowl!

It has been good to make up some of the winter's rainfall deficit this month.  We're still not up to "average" but the mountains finally have some snowpack. Without our "liquid sunshine" this area would cease to be "The Eden at the End of the (Oregon) Trail"!
Iris shoots and winter wood supply; I liked the juxtaposition
Daphne Odora will soon be perfuming the air
The daffodils are budding
Crocuses don't like rainy days!

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  1. I don't comment every time...still I read your blog regularly :)

    1. You comment often, Diane – and I appreciate that!

  2. Ooh, mised the call-out!

    Um, March 3, twins, one of each...

    I love lamb races! Hope your season isn't too drawn out!

  3. You have spring flowers! I have only the very tips of a few coming up! Lucky dog!

  4. Oh, the promise of spring...the new growth looks so wonderful!

  5. I didn't enter as I spent too much time researching the gestation period of sheep, calculating the conception date and struggling with the ensuing maths - well, actually I gave up after a couple of minutes and then just forgot!!

    Whenever they arrive I hope that you are inundated with little girl sheep, as I fear the little boys might have to be cut down in their prime!


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