Friday, December 06, 2013

It may be trite, but...

...the weather outside IS frightful, and the fire inside IS delightful!

This morning we awoke to this:

Yes, it was dark; Rick and I were up early doing chores so I could get him to the airport. We weren't counting on snow; the weather forecast said it wasn't supposed to get this far north. The traffic on I-205 crawled along at a snail's pace; fortunately Rick's plane was delayed or he would have missed his flight. I dropped him off and headed for home again, thankful that Rick had helped me get tank heaters in the horse tanks before he left. (Thanks to nasty weather elsewhere, namely TX, Rick's flight was eventually cancelled completely and he's stuck up in Portland waiting for a 6:00 a.m. flight taking a different route in the morning.)

Of course, a certain boy was delighted for the chance to use his snowboard today. Brian stayed home with Grandma, who spent the night after coming out yesterday for an early celebration of his birthday. They made a train cake together (since Grandma's birthday is later this month so they put candles on for both), and after dinner Brian opened his presents.
He's been wearing his fish hat ever since. :-)

When Brian and I did evening chores, the sky had cleared partially and the wind had kicked up. Baby, it IS cold outside!

I'd better put another log on the fire at . . .


  1. You are not alone with the freezing temps!! We're in the deep freeze here in WY too. It's -7 below and may not get above 0 today. You can bet I've been throwing log after log on the fire this morning!! I feel for your sheep. Be careful on the roads!

  2. Snow and COLD! We all seem to be getting it, even the folks in "the south!" Winter has arrived and Mother Nature wants us to know it.

    We, too, have been burning the wood nearly as fast as we fill up the inside wood boxes. We're staying warm and cozy but the wood is going up in smoke. (Hee-hee.)

  3. Stay warm and safe. The snow, and ice decided to pay us a nice visit. Our temperatures will remain low for most of the week. I don't see this snow going any where, any time soon.

  4. I love the train cake, clever idea. Happy Birthday to Brian.

  5. All I have to say to that is... Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! :D The snow is supposedly on it's way to us starting late tonight... ho hum, is winter really here? :D


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