Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Cleaner still!

Rick and I were going to ride together yesterday afternoon, but discovered that our little sand arena was still frozen hard as concrete.* So we took turns riding the Kubota instead, tackling the much-needed cleaning of the Sheep Sheraton. This may not have made the list when I mentioned the things I love doing, but it was highly satisfying nonetheless. I am now much more comfortable running our handy little tractor (thanks again, Dad!!!), and the sheepfold is as clean and shiny as the new year! Bigger, too....
The Kubota made getting the heavy pack up and out SO much easier!
Some handwork was still involved.
Done! We removed the corner lambing jug, so there's lots more room now.
Perfect nighttime accommodations for nine ewes and wethers!
*Never fear; I got in my New Year's Day ride. I also cast on 195 stitches for Romi's latest design, Coyote Trail. Didn't get any further, or spin any fiber, because Rick had a Christmas movie queued on Netflix for us all to watch. Christmas Lodge was a great warm-fuzzy, feel-good movie of faith – not everyone's cup of tea, but we loved it!

That's it for today from . . .


  1. Happy Sheep in a nice clean barn.

  2. Oooo! My lady covets those little Kubotas! If she sees one for sale along the side of the road she tends to veer towards them. Tee hee. That's a great clean out! Such a good feeling too!

  3. What a great job to have over and done with! I sure could use a tractor or six people with pitchforks! Those are some happy, pretty sheep!

  4. Michelle, I've watched a lot of Hallmark movies this year; the children have been staying with me and that's the only "safe" channel. Feel good is a good and feel good.
    Love the feeling of accomplishing a lot of chores.

  5. Want, want, want your tractor... I paid two teenaged football players to clean out our lean-to this year. Who knew sheep could pack down bedding so firmly!

  6. Don't you just love the feeling you get from making a previously "yucky" pen into a clean, warm and snug place for your critters? It looks great!

  7. I'm sure Rick did all the research before buying the tractor. Do you like Kubota better than other brands? Not that I need a tractor for my 'acreage.' ha-ah. Although, if I don't get those rabbit drop pans cleaned out soon......

    Also, do you have a favorite of Romi's two books, or one you recommend to purchase first? Favorite pattern? I don't know why I'm asking, my knitting skills aren't nearly up to that level!

  8. It's been a while Michelle! I love my little tractor too :) Nice to have a clean sheep area. I posted some pictures of our sheep today. Been a while since I've been out and about since my accident, nice to get back to normal! You know it's partly your fault I have sheep LOL
    Dori Ann

  9. The bigger space is what they seem to appreciate most, TL.

    It's a handy little tractor, Isobelle and Susan, and sure saved a lot of back-breaking labor!

    "Feel good" and "safe" are underrated, aren't they, Sandra?

    It IS amazing, Ruth; even the little tractor struggled with it at times!

    Deb, I sent you an email....

    Dori, I'm not sure I have the right blog address for you. The feelinfibers site doesn't have any new posts, and I want to see your sheep!

    Yes, I do, Kelly - probably more than the sheep!


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