Thursday, August 05, 2010

Ends in sight

Yep, the end of my current four ounces of white alpaca top is in sight; yay! I would really like this obligation done by the end of this year, so I don't think I'm going to take a break from this fiber but forge on with the next four ounces. Since the beginning of a bobbin is the hardest for me (thanks to the strong pull of the Louet's bobbin-lead set-up), I'm thinking of spinning in a wee section of colored fiber to separate the batches and then continue on with the next four ounces. Then I can use my ball winder to wind off the four-ounce sections separately to ply them on themselves.

'Paisley' is filling up, too; that's the last of this fiber wrapped around my wrist. Not sure what kind of wool it is; it came with a laceweight spindle I got from its maker in a trade for some black walnut hulls. When I've finished it, I'm going to spin up the rest of the Shetland roving samples Kara sent me. The dark browns and black will be a nice change from white. Then there's the Gotland roving Franna gave me, my own Shetland roving, the "pretty batt surprise" I asked Jeannie to pick up for me in her travels, and the brightly-dyed superwash roving I'm buying from Adrienne's Ravelry destash sale.... So many fibers, so little time!

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A wildlife gardener said...

I feel I may have mentioned this before, Michelle, but your blog always takes me back to my Grandparents in the Orkney Islands, for they had the same skills as you, and my Grannie knitted in Fair Isle and carded all her wool. We were not allowed to touch her spindle, it was so precious to her.

...and seeing all you do takes me back to those happy childhood days...:)

I so admire what you do :)

Michelle said...

Wow, Wildlife Gardener, I don't know what to say! The life I'm living now, and the handicrafts I enjoy and/or admire, are so far removed from my own childhood. I guess I like that I am doing things now that hark back to another land and era!