Tuesday, May 20, 2008

O is for "on the needles"

Yesterday while tracing a meme backwards, I ran across a reference to a knitter who practices "project monogamy," as opposed to having many UFOs (unfinished objects) on the needles. It was a relief to learn that there is at least one other knitter who likes to work on one project at a time; I've gotten the impression that I am an oddity in the knitting world!

My current WIP (work in progress) is this Baby Surprise Jacket gift-knit out of rose chenille. The name of the project is perfect because the baby herself is a surprise to our pastor and his wife after many years of marriage and two teenage boys. Meleah isn't due until August but I don't know when the baby shower will be, so I'm trying to get it done early.

Okay, in the spirit of total honesty I will admit to not being as faithful to knitting projects as I am to my husband. (I know; *GASP*!) There IS one UFO in the house which is ignored unless I'm between projects - the Scarf of Miserable Yarn. Someone told me I should just throw it in the frog pond (unravel it) because life is too short for unpleasant knitting projects, but that's not an option for me. For one thing, I AM faithful to finish a project (if not monogamously so) once I start it. For another, the yarn was a gift from which I am supposed to knit myself a scarf (yes, obligation plays a big role in my life). Thirdly, I DO love the colorway and softness of this yarn, and know I will LOVE the resulting scarf when it is finished (I believe practicing delayed gratification is a virtue). So there you have it, probably more information about my personality and character than you wanted to know. :-)

This morning we woke up to the refreshing smell and sound of rain - what a blessing! There was NO moisture evident in the soil when Rick tilled the garden Sunday after a long, dry stretch and some extremely hot days, so everything was thirsty. The largest of the Japanese maples at the front of the house is bowed over the sidewalk, appearing to reach for the puddles during a break in the showers. Jackson looked like he'd had a bath after his morning constitutional and deer check!
On a down note, I found out this morning that the livestock show at Black Sheep Gathering is full. I can still send in my entry and be put on a waiting list, but I can't imagine that many animals get pulled from such an event. They aren't exactly injury-prone performance horses like those entered in a dressage show! If I don't get in, I'm not sure what will happen with my lambs. Keeping four intact ram lambs until OFFF in September would entail building new quarters, and I don't think my long-suffering husband would agree to that, especially since there is no assurance that I'd be successful at marketing there. If no one expresses interest in anyone in the near future, tough decisions will have to be made. I'll be praying for wisdom - and interest!

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Tina T-P said...

The rain did feel good after all that heat, didn't it?

Re: BSG - Oh, pooey - who'd a thought it would be full!??! T.

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

The house front looks beautiful!
We're still getting the occasional light morning frosts, so I'm still on hold for planting my starts in the garden, but the hardened off flowers are being put out now. Phew, what a slow spring - I love your flowers there!

sheila said...

Love the UFO part..I am still learning so I have lots of UFOs. I start something and don't like it so I have a whole pile of them!