Thursday, August 02, 2007

A sweet treat on a hot summer's day

Doesn't that look as yummy as its name -- Black Forest Truffle?

This afternoon I got some unexpected "Mommy" time, which meant a chance to spin after a long, dry spell for my wheel. I sat down to dance with Bill Withers again, but wasn't having the easiest time with him. Usually I would "tough it out," but I was just too hot and sweaty for an "ordeal." My mind wandered over my other options, and I gave myself permission (quite out of character, I can tell you!) to pull out my Louet S17 and the multi-color Corriedale roving I received as a prize in Arianie's Mother's Day contest. What a dream to spin! It even smelled yummy, since it came boxed with bars of Arianie's Zum Love almond and poppy goat's milk soap.Added benefit: ZERO calories!

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Franna said...

Oooooooo, yummy fiber! I love the colors. Hope your wheel still remembered you. ;-)
- Franna

shepherdchik said...

Wow, that really spins up nice! What great color combos!