Friday, August 17, 2007

Let's hear it for the girls (and boys)!

I mentioned that at the last dressage show I entered, I got to watch Olympian Debbie McDonald compete on her young horse. She also brought her world-famous partner, Brentina, and did an exhibition Grand Prix freestyle. That I didn't get to watch, but a friend sent me this link of that freestyle this week. Small, fuzzy, partially obsured by a judge's stand, the ride still brought tears to my eyes. I went back and watched Andreas Helgstrand's freestyle on Blue Hors Matine right afterwards, and have to say I don't think Matine holds a candle to Brentina. Compare for yourself -- and enjoy!

A girlfriend and I took in yesterday's Brown Bag concert and then had lunch to celebrate her Aug. 14 birthday. We've been talking about doing something like this for years, just because, but haven't managed to until yesterday. Molly's Revenge, a great Celtic band, returned for the third year in a row; they are fantastic!The guy who plays the Celtic drum, flute, and bagpipes is as wired as any rock star; in the final set he jumps off the stage, jumps onto a picnic table, springs to a second picnic table, and jumps back on stage -- all while playing those pipes like a happy fiend! (Click on OysterFest 2005, then on Ballavanich Reel for a sample.)

Rosie got to go on the "girls' day out," too, and loved it. Before I had Brian I took her everywhere, and I know she misses it. It's a good day when you can make a friend and your dog happy!

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Sharon said...

I'll look for them - love Old Blind Dogs and the Duhks - actually The Bills have some interesting sounds too.