Monday, August 27, 2007

Back-to-school time

With our first show approaching, I decided it was high time Boulderneigh Bella returned to her lessons today. And this was no lightweight, draw-a-pretty-picture-showing-what-you-did-this-summer-first-day-back-in-school; oh no. After reading about the amazing transformation in Daphne's attitude after shepherd Franna's intensive session of handling, I decided to review every lesson she's ever had. I caught her, haltered her, led her in and out of the barn, led her up the driveway to the house to get her picture taken, made her stand, squatted and stood over and over again until she stopped trying to bolt when I "got bigger," pushed her up the mounting block onto the sheep stand, gave her a pedicure, trimmed off the icky wool on her backside, and hosed her off to encourage a more natural lock structure in her fleece. (For an encore, I shoveled out the deep end of the sheep fold.) Whew! I think if I repeat the leading and standing lessons a couple times a week between now and OFFF, she won't embarrass me too much!

Now if only someone would buy her and her dam so I could make room for more polled genetics in my flock....
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  1. Michelle, your gray girls are too cute for words. My black ram lamb and my mioget/fawn ram lamb (both NASSA registered) are available. They are very soft and perhaps if we weren't so far apart we could trade? Sabrina and Gail think they are scurred ram lambs and since they are so soft would be great for someone working with the polled gene. Then again Juliann has smooth polled ram lambs so you might want to go that route if you were to get more polled genetics :)

  2. Michelle, do you want to borrow the torture chamber for quicker results? Mwuahahahahahhaha!!!
    - Franna

  3. Oh, boy those are gorgeous sheep. Looks like a postcard.

  4. Well I am trying to get more of those beautiful markings in MY flock (the white noses and white around the eyes). Shall we trade?


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