Monday, April 15, 2024


I've been trying to start a new post for days, but Blogger wasn't having it. Last night it decided to work; go figure.

Not that I was going to actually post again until Broadway lambed, but she continues to waddle around grazing with the rest of the girls, carrying her load high and wide with no sign of the drop of impending birth. Thursday night I thought (hoped) she was acting suspicious in spite of her looks, so Brian helped me fashion a dividing wall in the Sheep Sheraton so she could be safely sequestered. Bridget has been her frequent attendant (as she was with Boop) and I was concerned that she might try to steal a lamb(s) and precipitate confusion or rejection by Broadway. No dice, but at least things are ready.
Bridget 'attending' Broadway

Bridget 'attending' Brian

The two ewes with lambs are still sharing the divided barn stall at night; Blaise and Bitsy go out with the other girls during the day although they aren't that comfortable doing it and mostly stay off by themselves. Blossom and Bud are doing well in spite of Boop; she has not relaxed into the roll of motherhood yet. She definitely prefers Blossom, frequently butting Bud away. Sometimes I hold the witch Boop so Bud can nurse his fill, worried that he isn't getting enough; other times I see her letting both of them nurse. I'd love to get them outside to take better, updated photos, but I think Boop would be a poop....
an uncommonly integrated flock

this is more typical
these three photos were taken Thursday

My research into improving my shearing situation next year brought unexpected results: a professional shearer is coming Wednesday evening to finish shearing my flock! If I am happy with the results, I will continue to use him; if not, I'll likely order an adjustable shearing stand to make shearing easier for me.

Yesterday morning I had a good session with Stella. We warmed up and schooled in the arena, and then headed into the woods in search of my favorite spring flower, wild iris. When we got back I rinsed the sweat off her and turned both horses out for a timed grazing period.
beauty underneath and all around

How this tulip end up along a track in the woods among nettles?
lots of yellow; Oregon grape and Scotch broom
no iris yet, but there was a big patch of this blue flowering plant
Finally, my quest was rewarded! Couldn't get closer because of poison oak.
these were growing in the middle of our path

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A :-) said...

Oh YAY!! So glad there is a shearer close by. I hope it goes well. You always have so much on your plate - it would be nice if shearing could be handed off to someone who does it for their living. Is the last of the ewes with babies on board?

It looks so beautiful all around you. Spring is finally attempting to really be here. I'm going to attempt to get some good photos of my redbud. My big magnolia was a bust this year because of the early warm days and then a freeze. It attempted to bloom far too soon. Oh well. There's always next year :-)

Michelle said...

Yes, Broadway is the last to lamb. I double-checked my dates, though, and separated her from the ram a bit later than I thought. Given the usual 145-day gestation, she could have a few more days before she's due. But anything past April 21 would be OVERdue. Redbuds and magnolias do well in this area, too, but we have neither on our place.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics! I love the view over Stella’s neck & through her ears 🥰 Bluebells, grape hyacinths, and daffs only thing blooming here. Warm today with potential severe storms later with colder temperatures rest of the week. Typical WI, Dee

Michelle said...

Dee, we're definitely farther along with spring here than you are. We're probably at the same latitude, but our near ocean mass moderates things here.

Leigh said...

Wonderful photos! So glad blogger is behaving again; maybe they were doing some technical tweaks (?)

It's funny how they can sometimes have preferences for one offspring or another. Goats are the same way, with the boys often being the favorites. Glad Bud is getting some, hopefully his fill.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Love the group shot!

Michelle said...

Leigh, Boop seems to doing better with Bud the last couple days; he certainly has plenty of energy!

Of all the ewes, Sara, or of the newest lambs with their mama?